Nutrisytem day 12.

Day 12 on the program.

20140212-150621.jpgBreakfast entree- peanut butter granola bar. 8/10. Powerfuel- 4 tbsp pb2, SC- multigrain bread.


20140212-150727.jpgSnack- 1/2 cup pineapple juice, light string cheese.

20140212-150755.jpgLunch- chicken noodle soup. 6/10. 2 oz chicken Powerfuel


20140212-171659.jpgHardboiled egg powerfuel

20140212-194601.jpgDinner- rotini and meatballs. one of my faves. PF- parmesan, SC- pineapple juice, small whole wheat roll. Veggies- 1 cup of light sauce, 1 cup of salad.

Dessert- white cheddar popcorn. 10/10. LOVE!


Your thoughts beautiful people?

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