Nutrisystem day 13.

20140213-112806.jpgBreakfast. Bran Flakes 9/10

20140213-112835.jpgPowerfuel- Canadian bacon, Smartcarb- 1 cup strawberries, Extra- 2 tbsp ff whip cream.


20140213-162544.jpgMy lunch started off with 1 cup of wilted spinach.


20140213-162605.jpgI added 2 oz of grilled chicken for a powerfuel.

20140213-162642.jpgAdded in the chicken pasta parmesan. This lunch was decent. 8/10

20140213-162716.jpgSnack- carrots, smartcarb- 1/4 cup hummus, 1 serving RF wheat thins.

20140213-193028.jpgDinner- salad and flatbread pizza with powerfuel turkey pepperoni. 10/10.

20140213-193053.jpgPeanut butter cookie. Pretty soft. I liked this. 8/10


Your thoughts beautiful people?

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