Nutrisystem day 25 food log.

Haven’t done a Nutrisystem food log for you guys in a while so here you go! Note- I am on the 1800 calorie plan.20140225-150410.jpgPF- 2 oz turkey SC- light multigrain english muffin

20140225-150428.jpgGranola cereal. I added almond milk to this. It was seriously DELISH. 10/10. Tasted sweet and crunchy. Yum.

20140225-150500.jpgPF- greek yogurt SC- 1 cup strawberries

20140225-150538.jpgLunch- NS cheddar broccoli rice, 2 cups of cooked broccoli. PF- 2 oz chicken.

20140225-150609.jpgSC- light oj. 8 oz.

20140225-164516.jpgPF- Veggie burger, SC- whole wheat pita, Extra- small sprinkle of cheese.

20140225-193713.jpgDinner NS entree chili. SC- 1/2 cup black beans, PF- string cheese, Veggie- spinach.

20140225-195439.jpgDessert carrot cake.

20140225-195513.jpgSmall but okay. 6/10. The golden pound cake or chocolate cake is much better!




One response to “Nutrisystem day 25 food log.

  1. I am really proud of you both. Keep up the great work!

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