Nutrisystem pancake review.

I woke up with some wisdom tooth pain this morning so my planned granola breakfast was out the window. I needed to eat something soft. I started digging through my breakfast and found a bag of magical pancake mix!

It’s pretty easy to make. You just add 1/3 cup of milk to batter and mix.


Cook as you normally would a pancake 🙂
I just used all the batter to make 1 biggish pancake. I topped it with a bit of whip cream as an extra since I didn’t have any SF syrup. Added a side of thinly sliced Canadian bacon for my Powerfuel, and 4 oz of pineapple orange sweet potato juice as my carb.



I give the pancakes a 7/10. They have a ton of potential and can be used so many different ways. Next time I will add a 1/2 packet of truvia to the batter to sweeten it up. I would love to take turkey sausage and dip them into the pancake batter mix and make little pancake sausage sticks!! Or mashed banana as a carb into the batter, or sliced bananas on top would be really yummy! This breakfast isn’t really grab and go, but it’s nice if you have extra time like on the weekends! Yum! Def a winner!!


One response to “Nutrisystem pancake review.

  1. Pancake sausage sticks. . . umm YUM!

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