2014 Vionic Walkabout.

I am pledging to sign up for the 28 day walkabout. It’s important to not only eat healthy but to keep out hearts beating! Let’s walk our way to health!!

Walkabout Logo (green)Sign up with me!

Vionic Shoes Walkabout! Here is where you can get all the information on the walkabout.

How to Pledge! Sign up with this link!

The Zen walking shoe in red is the official shoe of the Vionic Walkabout, which is a 28-day campaign, also sponsored by Dr. Andrew  Weil and celebrity trainer Juliet Kaska, which encourages the public to walk for 30 minutes a day for their heath.unnamed (2)

I will be wearing my shoes proudly and walking my way to health! Starts today!! Get moving!


Make sure you sign up to walk with me!!!

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