Goji Play Review By Blue Goji.

I used to be a huge fitness enthusiast. Back in the day I was cycling 20 miles a day five times a week, or I was doing high intensity workouts with my elliptical machine. I used to call myself a cardio queen. For some reason later down the road, my enthusiasm for working out slowly started to fade. I was no longer the cardio queen, but I was a oh my gosh is this 30 minute workout OVER yet?!

I was recently contacted to try out a new product called the Goji Play by Blue Goji. It’s a interactive device that combines cardio and mobile gaming to make exercise more fun and sustainable. The fun-factor transforms workouts from boring to engaging. This company was founded by the same people who made Guitar Hero, so I knew that this product was going to be interesting! The Goji Play can be used on any kind of cardio equipment. Just attach the wireless controllers, clip on the activity sensor, and begin playing on your iPod, iPad, or i iPod touch.Goji Play 2

Now one thing is for sure. I love VIDEO GAMING! I have ever since I was a child. When I started researching this product and realized that I could workout AND play games? I was sold. I get a lot of offers for product reviews, but I only review things that seem helpful and awesome. I told her to send me a unit so I could review it for myself and for you readers.

The unit arrived and here is what came along with it.

A pair of wireless controllers to attach to your cardio equipment, and an activity sensor to measure movements such as distance and calories that allows it to  incorporate it to your game.Goji Play Hardware

The first thing I did was visit the Apple store so I could download the Blue Goji app . It was quick and easy. The app also allows you to set and track fitness goals, launch and discover games, and connect with others. After you install the app, you can pick and choose which games you want to play on your device. There are 8 free games in total. You download them from the Apple store as well.Goji Play App on iPad

Now I was ready to PLAY, I mean workout. I decided to try it out on my elliptical machine.

I just attached controllers to equipment on the elliptical arms, and clipped on the sensor.Lifestyle Elliptical

For my first game I chose Super Moto X. It’s a motorcycling racing game. To control your bike you use the buttons on the wireless controllers. You have to avoid obstacles, avoid other bikes, all while keeping your elliptical workout going to give you a “boost”. It was a lot of fun. My 30 minutes FLEW by. I looked at the original app and it had tracked my steps, calories and time spent. Super awesome.

There are so many other games that I haven’t even been able to try them all yet. Blimp Breaker Fisticuffs

My overall opinion on this device is that it’s a really cool gadget to help you get through those boring routines. ESPECIALLY the treadmill! 🙂

I give this product a 8.5/10.

The price point is $99.00 and would make a great gift for a fitness/gaming enthusiast, or for a teenager. Or any adult that will always love video games!! You can purchase it on Amazon, or Goji Play.

The goji play also synchs up with my fitness pal, so all of your calories burned etc can be shared between accounts.

Just make sure that your device is compatible with the product before purchasing. Compatible with iPad 3+,iPad MiniiPhone 4s+, and iPod Touch 5th Generation.








2 responses to “Goji Play Review By Blue Goji.

  1. I stole this from her and used it a lot on the elliptical machine. Nice for those rainy days when you gotta use the indoor equipment, and a lot more fun than just listening to Pandora!

  2. How fun! I loooooove gaming so this is right up my alley. Although I don’t use gym equipment so I guess it wouldn’t work for me since I just do Zumba. Pretty cool!

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