Another day of nutrisystem! Food log.

So we just got our shelf stable portion for the month of March. Can’t wait for our frozen food to arrive!

I got my 10 lb bear πŸ™‚


20140304-131214.jpgBreakfast- cinnamon streusel muffin, PF- egg, SC- raspberry acai juice, Veg- 1 cup spinach, pico de galo, and 1 tsp of light sour cream.

20140304-131222.jpgSnack- black peppered string cheese + RF wheat thins.

20140304-152642.jpgLunch- spinach for veggie, chicken/parm for PF. bolthouse dressing, caesar for extra.

20140304-152658.jpgTrail mix bar.


20140304-175545.jpgOrganized shelves!

20140304-193711.jpgGreek yogurt PF

20140304-193721.jpgDinner- flatbread pizza with veggie, turkey pepperoni, and asparagus.

Dessert- white cheddar popcorn πŸ™‚


Yummy day!


One response to “Another day of nutrisystem! Food log.

  1. it looks tasty! Bon appetit!

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