Another day another food log.

20140306-150517.jpgBreakfast- Cinnamon Bun Bar. Still one of my favorites. So soft and sweet! PF- egg, SC- raspberry acai juice.

20140306-150529.jpgPF- greek yogurt

20140306-150537.jpgLunch- Red beans and rice, 1 cup of spinach, 2 oz of chicken.

20140306-192814.jpgDinner was the Frozen broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken breast.

20140306-192844.jpgThe rest of the dinner was extra chicken, broccoli, and corn.

20140306-192950.jpgThe chicken breast was smallish but after eating my dinner I am totally FULL. It has nice flavor and is well seasoned. There isn’t a ton of cheese inside, but you don’t really need it anyways! 7.5/10

20140306-195551.jpgOrange Creme Bar for dessert.

20140306-195622.jpgSo.So.Good. Perfect dessert. Just how you would think it would taste. If you are into creamsicles, this is for you. 9/10.

Not pictured- wheat thins and garlic hummus.

After I lose 6 more pounds I will be going from the 1800 calorie plan down to the 1500 calorie plan. Come on 6 more pounds!


One response to “Another day another food log.

  1. The frozen items look YUMMY! Creamesickle actually made my mouth water….. GREAT job Grace!!

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