Cinnamon bun from nutrisystem. Frozen edition.




Today I tried the frozen cinnamon bun. I haven’t had a CB in probably 20 years. I am more of a savory breakfast kind of girl. I heated the bun up for about 20 seconds. It came out very soft. The glaze is sweet but not as sweet as an actual cb obviously. There were globs of cinnamon throughout. If I am being honest, I thought it was good but a bit bland. I will reorder 1 or 2 but I’ll stick to the more savory breakfasts. My husband said the frozen cb is much better than the shelf stable. 7/10.


2 responses to “Cinnamon bun from nutrisystem. Frozen edition.

  1. It looks better than I’d anticipate but not too surprised by it being a bit bland.

  2. I love a good CB, this one looks tasty but you can always tell the difference compared to a real one 🙂

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