Progress pictures from one month on Nutrisystem.

So these pictures are 11 days late, but here are my results from 1 month on nutrisystem in pictures. On the left was taken on Feb 1. On the right was taken Feb 28.
So I started out at 284 lbs. 1 pound short of my all time highest weight in 2008. I ended the month down 16.6 pounds.

Now. If I have one suggestion. TAKE QUALITY PICTURES. Don’t wing it like me with a sports bra and different clothes. Take clean quality pictures against a wall in the same outfit. If not you will end up looking a hot mess like these pictures below. PS– It was really hard admitting my weight gain but I am so glad I can be open and honest in my journey. It is possible to regain the weight. It’s also possible to pick yourself up and change! P

20140311-173525.jpgOkay here is what I notice. My bottom “bagel” is less defined. My sides seem to stick out less.

20140311-173535.jpgI hate this angle of myself but I have to be honest and share everything. What I notice- smoother thighs, less bagel, less general stomach fat (it’s been my problem area my whole life unfortunately). Oh and less back fat!

20140311-173544.jpgI notice my arm is a bit smaller in this one. Yay! Need to get on some squats. I want a big round booty not whatever it is that I currently have.

20140311-173553.jpgAnd the best– my face. It’s always the first of me to really go.

So yes. There I am. Proud I have started this journey. Proud I am staying honest and accountable. I will be posting pictures every month to show you my progress!  Stay with me friends! I am going to get this weight off!

If you aren’t doing nutrisystem, please know I still support you! Yes you! Whatever you are doing to lose weight I support. No judgement zone. The point is for us all to find success in our own paths. If you are looking for non NS related posts, I have about 550 HEALTHY living posts to pour through. If you are interested in NS, email me at and I will send you a 30 dollar discount coupon for your first order.

CHINS up soldiers. We are doing this!!! No turning back.


11 responses to “Progress pictures from one month on Nutrisystem.

  1. Soooo proud of you!!! Keep up the good work! Love ya girl:)

  2. Looking GREAT Grace! Before AND During!!! I know you will do this, and so shall I!!!

  3. This is so frickin inspiring! Really cool that you are kicking ass and inviting us on the journey.

  4. Really enjoyed seeing your progress and will be watching as time goes on. (Did that sound stalkerish? LOL, sorry) I know it takes guts to post photos, but be consoled by the fact that you are inspiring others. And I can definitely see a difference! Keep it up! 🙂

  5. Great job, Grace!!! I’m doing Medifast and I know the judgement that comes along with losing weight “non traditionally” or whatever. Keep up the AMAZING work!!!!! ❤️

  6. You’re beautiful! My face is always the first to go too 🙂 I know how possible it is to gain the weight back, I’ve been struggling within this weight loss for sure. Fear of being thin…weird huh? I’m going to keep up with you, can’t wait to see your progress! Go get ’em 😉

  7. Well done, you are looking great, keep on going and never give up 😀 x

  8. Wow what a difference! You are looking great! My face has always been the last to go.

  9. This. Is awesome. You are such a role model!

  10. Thanks for this! I am on day 4 and this post is definite motivation! I am also loving your food reviews. Thanks again.

  11. amazing. I just ordered my first shipment with ns. I am so glad to see someone positive on it!!! i will be following you.

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