A few more reviews!

Wanted to share a few more items I have tried from Nutrisystem. Up first is the beef, cheese, bean burrito. It’s a frozen option.20140313-124613.jpg

My husband and I love Mexican food so I had to order this lunch option. It was not spicy. Mostly all I could taste was beans to be honest. I did add a bit of cheddar to top. Salsa and sour cream would take this option a lot farther. If you like bean burritos this is right up your alley. 6.5/10.



For dinner I had the frozen ravioli formaggio. It was wonderful. I added extra tomato basil sauce, roasted sweet peppers, and for a powerfuel I added ground turkey. Also, I added a sprinkle of parm cheese. With my additions it tasted like a 10/10. Without my additions I would probably give it a 8!

20140313-124640.jpgI just got done walking these 3 beasts. They got 40 minutes today.

I try to walk them at least 6 days a week. On Saturday we are taking them to what we call doggie disney world. It’s a salt marsh environment with easy access for dogs to get muddy. We throw them sticks and they swim and chew on mangrove roots. It literally makes their lives complete. Maybe I will treat them to some doggie ice cream after.

Speaking of Saturday… Weigh in day! I am hoping for a good loss. I have a slipped rib/chest muscle right now so my movement is limited. Fingers crossed!

I don’t know what food I like better- Mexican or Italian. What is your favorite between the two?


4 responses to “A few more reviews!

  1. Tough choice, Mexican or Italian!

  2. Hi Grace, right now, Costco has a great special on their gift cards. Are you a Costco member? J



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