Operation grow nails out begins now!

Are you a nail biter? I have been my entire life! I have never been able to stop. I am always envious of those girls with the long beautiful nails. Not the fake ones either! Real nails! My sister has been a nail biter her whole life as well, but recently stopped. She sends me these beautiful pictures of elegant nails painted just right. Totally jealous! I decided to try probelle touch n grow products to help me with my problem. I am determined to get long luscious nails. Strong and durable nails at that!!



My nails day 1.

20140505-134229.jpgMy nails after first coat of Probelle.

Here is their facebook page and how I found them below-


I will keep you updated on how this helps my nails!
How do you keep your nails? Short, long, medium, or acrylics?

For fun.. What nail polish shades are you obsessed with right now? I can’t wait to start a new collection!!!


7 responses to “Operation grow nails out begins now!

  1. Love to see your progress. I am a nail biter, too!

    • It’s horrible!!! I caught myself trying to do bite 3 times so far today. But I have resisted. Must. Get. Longer. Nails! Thanks for reading and for your support 🙂

  2. Cindy Wooters

    I don’t bite my nails, I wind up cutting them to a medium length. I love nail polish and have quite a collection. I just don’t paint them as much as I would like to. I love Sally Hanson hard as nails to strengthen my nails and right now I love the trend of painting your ring finger a different sparkly color.

    • I am totally doing that ring finger thing! I have a ton of polish but it’s all the cheap stuff! As soon as I get a decent length of nails I am gonna go for the good stuff!!! Medium length sounds perfect!

  3. I’ve had nail biting issues on and off but I’ve gotten much better thanks to keeping my nails polished regularly a couple years ago. Now I keep them natural at a medium length. I can’t get them to be long because one of them breaks at one point or another and then it just looks wrong. The polish that has helped me the most was OPI Nail Envy. As for colors, I really like the kind that has a magnetic effect and looks metallic.

  4. I’m a big time nail bitter ever since I’m 6 yrs old & I’m 40 and I STILL bite them, I want them to grow. But I can’t help it. HELP ME STOP!!! Thanks

    • I use a tracker app on my phone to keep me motivated. It’s nice to see how many days I have gone without biting them! I am on day 13. Also, I bought some nice nail supplies. A 3 in one nail file, smoother, and shining tool, and a few new nail polishes!! You can do anything you set your mind to 😉

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