My nails update. Yes this needs a whole blog! :) Probelle <3

So about a month ago I decided to stop biting my nails. I decided to use Probelle hardener to get me started. Every time I have ever tried to grow out my nails they always end up splitting, cracking, and totally weak. My nails needed a little boost.20140603-162905-59345027.jpgI decided to download a free tracker on my phone to keep track of how many days I have not bit my nails. It has really helped. I recommend you do the same.


20140603-162949-59389021.jpgHere are my nails on day 1. I used the first formula– the hardener.

20140603-163026-59426132.jpgTo keep myself motivated I went and got all ready for my beautiful nails to grow. I ordered a ton of polish from julep. My husband got me that bottle of essie on top as a present.

20140603-163055-59455897.jpgI have always wanted red nails! This periwinkle color on the right is my favorite. It’s called teeny weeny bikini by essie.

20140603-171916-62356269.jpgOkay so with short nails I am the worlds WORST painter. Here are some of the early smudged nail polish days. Week 1 on left week 2 on right.

20140603-171954-62394221.jpgStarting to grow!

20140603-172123-62483963.jpgWow really growing!

20140603-172123-62483612.jpgWeek 3. I need a new file so I can get the right shape. I like almond shape nails.

20140603-172124-62484969.jpgThis was week 4. Getting better at painting by this point.

20140603-172126-62486743.jpgPlum and lilac colors.

20140603-172128-62488365.jpgLove the accent nail! Watermelon!

20140603-172128-62488839.jpgI painted these last night. So this is my one month progress.

Here are my thoughts. If you are a nail biter and want to start I would recommend starting with a base coat of hardener to get your fingernails healthy. Probelle worked really great. I applied the hardener at least 4 or so times a week. I haven’t had one crack or break. My nails feel great. I tap them everywhere. Second get a tracking app so you can stay on track. It’s awesome to see your progress. There were times when I would start to bite my nails but I just had to remind myself of how many days I had went without biting. It saved me!

When I look down at my hands I can hardly believe they are mine. I feel like a lady! Once they get a bit longer I will do some filing into my shape and continue on without biting. The only one pain in the butt is that you have to constantly clean your nails out! Totally worth it though.

I don’t plan on letting my nails get super long. Maybe just a tad longer than at present time. I don’t want to get all crazy with it!

Ps- Essie is my FAVORITE nail polish.It’s the absolute best! πŸ™‚

Check out probelle here–Β

Thanks for reading. If you are a nail biter there is hope for you.. I PROMISE. Did you bite your nails reading this? I hope not πŸ˜‰



4 responses to “My nails update. Yes this needs a whole blog! :) Probelle <3

  1. Sinfully Tempting

    That is awesome! Congratulations, keep it up! πŸ™‚

  2. Oh my gosh, I’m so jealous! I’m a nail-chomper from birth (and I’m 32 now!) I have tried everything to stop with no success.
    Your nails look gorgeous and healthy!

  3. Aye!!! Great Progress im 15 and i Just had my One year party because my biting was getting so bad i was bleeding a lot! so now my nails are almond and one inch long! So you keep working girl!!!

  4. Your Doing Amazing

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