The wisdom saga.

So I kind of fell off the planet for a while. I haven’t been on a scale in forever. I haven’t posted a progress picture. I haven’t been blogging or posting food pictures on the regular.  I have been in a state of purgatory for the last month or so. There are a few different reasons but I will share the most dramatic. My wisdom. Or lack there of. I just went through wisdom tooth hell. wisdom-teeth_01

So over the course of the past month or so I had two infections in my left wisdom tooth. The first time I treated it with antibiotics with my dentist. She told me my tooth needed to come out. Of course I didn’t listen and ended up with another infection about 3 weeks later. At that point I knew I was screwed and had to have it out. We treated the second infection with another course of antibiotics and made an appointment for me to have it removed. Now a little history. I had another wisdom tooth out about three years ago. It did not go well. My poor surgeon had a super hard time getting my tooth/roots out. I had extra roots and it was just a mess. I told my current dentist Dr. Julie McCarron (yes, I am calling her out) that my past surgeon had a really hard time getting my tooth out and asked her a million times if she was SURE she could pull this tooth. She took 3 x-rays and insisted that yes she could absolutely remove it with  no problem. Awesome, great, grand. Let’s do this shit.

Absolute. Total. Fail. She numbed me up. Well that was a disaster I had fleeting pain all over my mouth which has never happened to me during a numbing shot. So she starts working on me. Pull. Crunch. Twist. Crunch. Splitting. I heard a lot of SIGHING. Like legit loud SIGHS. I knew right away that this wasn’t as easy as she thought it would be. I need another numbing shot because I could feel her tools. Stop more pain.  So as she is prodding away I start to feel ill. I ask her if she can stop briefly and suction my mouth out as I felt like I was going to puke. She sighed AGAIN and replied FINE. I remember thinking no this lady is not giving me attitude!! I could also hear her stomach grumbling away also which was super annoying! So after about 20 minutes or so  she manages to pull the top part of my tooth out with you guessed it–no roots. She was sticking all kinds of crazy things into my mouth trying to dig my roots out. I knew the time was ticking down. 15 mins, 30 mins, 45 mins, 60 mins. Even though I was completely numbed up I could still feel and hear all the drama around me. At the 60 minute mark she rushes out of the office. Comes back in and exclaims. I am done. I am not working on your mouth anymore.

At this point I am basically in tears. I am frightened to death of dentists (what rational human isn’t). She informs me that  I have to wait a week to see Dr. Stone. He is the only oral surgeon that we have down here in the Keys. He will remove my roots for me. So not only do I have a big bloody hole in my mouth, I have to go and get another deeper bloody hole in my mouth. 2 for the price of 1!

I go out to the office and she has the nerve to ask me if I want pain pills. DO I WANT PAIN PILLS? You mean after you just butchered my mouth for 1 hour straight you are going to ask me if I WANT them? She gives me shitty pain pills. Of course she does. Oh and what else does she do? She gives me the worlds strongest antibiotic. The ones that are used to treat malaria. The antibiotics that will leave you feeling like you got shot 56 times in the stomach. I was so sick I had to stop taking them after 2 days. Thank god I had some amoxicillin stored away to help with infection. I realized that their office closes at 1 pm every single day. Basically this lady gave up so she could feed her stomach. I  left really PISSED!!!

The pain was pretty bad. Typical tooth extraction but the jaw pain was pretty severe as well as she had try to dig out my roots. It did start to heal after 4 or so days. Just in time to see my oral surgeon! Yay! Round 2!

Dr. Ira Stone was amazing. He told me he would take care of me and have my roots out quickly. It literally took him 17 minutes to perform the whole surgery. He gave me the good good. By the good good I mean GAS. It was amazing. He had that stuff flowing! At one point I couldn’t feel my entire body so I had to have him turn it down. He gave me the right pain meds and the right antibiotics. His office was fantastic. The doctor himself even called me that night to check on me. Such amazing people. I didn’t like the price though. 755 dollars for 2 roots to be removed. INSANE. My mouth has no pain now. Still a small opening but that is closing up more and more every single day. I have a follow-up appointment with my surgeon in two days. Teeth. Drama.

SO that is why I have been quiet. I haven’t been able to exercise or eat properly or do anything that I truly love. I am on the up and up and I will be back though. This whole experience has fueled me to get my ass on the grind. I got some health goals to set and reach.

Sorry to be quiet for so long. I promise I am still here.

Do you have any dental trauma? Share with me. I would loooove to hear your different experiences.




7 responses to “The wisdom saga.

  1. Poor Gracie. That is an AWFUL tooth story. I am do sorry that you had to go through that. Sounds like a terrible dentist. Big hugs, Aunt Di

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  2. My husband had all 4 of his out when he was 33. Went to an oral surgeon but did not want to be knocked out. He got laughing gas and started puking. They had already started so they could not stop. They kept injecting Novocain to keep him comfortable. He kept passing out and puking on and off for the 3 hours he was in the chair! The doctor was really nice but worked him over pretty good. My husband said he (the doctor) had his foot up on the chair to get leverage to pull. I had my baby with me in the waiting room and watched it fill to the gills because the doctor was stuck with my husband. He came out with dried blood on his face!

    My husband was miserable. I had to pull the car over in a church parking lot so he could puke on the way home. I felt so bad for him. The pain meds they gave him made him sick (he is very sensitive to meds of all kinds, even over the counter) He got an infection in his saliva gland (which had happened in the past if the area around it got irritated, we told the doc about it before the surgery) I called the on call doc over the weekend to let him know he had an infected salivary gland and that he was allergic to his pain meds. I got nothing. “Tell him to eat a sandwich with his pain meds.” WHAT?!?! With an infection and 4 teeth removed over a 3 hour period and pain meds he can’t take?!?! He was really a jerk.

    I called Monday morning and spoke with the receptionist. She was very nice but said the doctor was busy and didn’t know if he would have time to see him. “My husband is not a baby and doesn’t complain.” I told her. “He needs an antibiotic and new pain meds.” She said he could come in but did not know if or when he would be seen. I told my husband, “Go and sit directly in front of the receptionist’s window after you check in. Do not stop looking at her until they take you back.” I told him if he didn’t do this they would not take him. They took him in 20 minutes wrote him 2 new prescriptions and he left.

    I still feel bad when I think about it. I’m the one that agreed with the dentist and pushed him to get it done!

    I feel for you! And I’m sure my husband does too!!!

  3. What awful experiences! You AND Shannon’s husband! Mine doesn’t sound so bad now, although it was pretty traumatic at the time, especially since I have had lots of traumatic experiences at the dentist dating back to childhood, when I went to a guy who was born during the Inquisition and must have learned his skills then. 🙂 Anyway, my regular dentist spent 3 hours trying to get one of mine out. He said the root was wrapped around a bone or something like that (didn’t even know that was possible). I have never had such pain in my life (it was just Novocain, and not enough of it; he didn’t even HAVE gas to offer at the time). I was crying almost the whole time and practically begging to get out of that chair. He finally had to admit defeat. He patched it up as best he could and sent me to a specialist 3 hours away, who was able to finish the job in a third of the time without me feeling so much as a twinge! I couldn’t believe the difference. I guess you gotta get the right person for the job, and someone with the right tools!

  4. Wow what a nightmare! Reading your description of it all made me a little queasy. I hate dentists after the first time I has a simple cavity just because of the stupid numbing shot (<—- problem with needles). Going through your ordeal would have given me PTSD. Glad things worked out in the end.

  5. My wisdom teeth extraction was easy peasy compared to these experiences. I’m glad you got good care… finally and sorry you had to go through all that!

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