Perfect fourth of July Drinks.

Introducing the cutest portable shots EVER. sent me the most adorable tote bag filled with these yummy little cocktails. Perfect by themselves or added to your favorite drink.

What I like- Portable! Recyclable and Reusable! Made in the USA. 4 awesome flavors. Made from quality liquors. Agave tequila and 6X distilled vodka. Perfect for enjoying (Responsibly) on the beach, boat, or at your fourth of july cookout! The best part? LOW calories!







20140630-112846-41326781.jpgThe tequila was super smooth and not overpowering. The kamikaze my husband tried and said it was just right.

20140630-112847-41327646.jpgThis was my favorite of the bunch. Vodka-cucumber-lime. I enjoyed it on a private island in my backyard. I know that sounds really snobby but it’s true!! (I live in the Florida Keys).

20140630-112846-41326098.jpgMore shots! The lychee vodka grapefruit would be good with a club soda and maybe some lime. Yum.



This was such a fun company to review. They are decently priced as well. Check out their Facebook for fun information and coupons. Don’t forget a pack for fourth of July!!


What is your fourth of July tradition? We don’t have one! Tell me yours 😉


One response to “Perfect fourth of July Drinks.

  1. Awesome!

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