The 30-Day Get Picky Challenge with Fiber Choice.

**This 30 day Get Picky Challenge and this post is sponsored by FiberChoice**
So I try to keep it real with you guys. I share a lot. My entire health related journey has been a roller coaster of ups and downs for the past three years. This might seem awkward to write about or read (it totally is) but now I am going to get to the point. Fiber. We need it. We should all be going to the bathroom regularly. Yay for healthy pooping! I take psyllium husk every single day to make sure I am getting enough fiber in my diet to keep myself regular.

This summer I was contacted by  to join them in their get picky challenge. I was kind of confused. Do I want to talk about fiber pills? Do I want to switch and try a new fiber pill? Their pills contain prebiotic fiber that can help aid in digestion as well as keep you regular. After I read more about the product I decided I had to join the challenge. It’s only 30 days and I am all about helping my system work smoothly.

They have a ton of options and flavors. I chose the weight management sugar-free strawberry tablets. They are sweet and chewy. Kind of like a treat for someone like me who is on a low carb diet. I have 4 a day.


“Each serving of FiberChoice is packed with inulin, the same healthy fiber found naturally in many fruits and vegetables. Even better, inulin is a prebiotic fiber, and prebiotics nourish probiotics — the ‘good’ bacteria in the digestive system. So with two little tablets, you get the general benefits of fiber while supporting the immune system, digestive tract — and your overall health”.

Most Americans are only getting about half of their recommended fiber grams a day.

I have been using the product for a week and so far so good. I can’t wait to let you know how the rest of the month/challenge “goes”. Get it?!?! Ha!

Check out their website for coupons and more info. I join you all to get picky with me! Their products are readily available.


-Disclaimer- Product provided to me from Fiber Choice + compensation for campaign. Opinions are my own as always.


Your thoughts beautiful people?

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