Vous Vitamin Review and Giveaway.

So I am feeling pretty special. I got to make my own customizable multivitamin with the help of http://www.vousvitamin.com/vous1/


“Two doctors have created VOUS Personalized Multivitamins to address individual needs.
Unlike ‘one-size-fits-all’ multivitamins, VOUS Vitamin™ provides the right combination and amount of vitamins – for your body, no-one else’s”.

I usually just take a generic multivitamin, but after taking a quick survey on Vous Vitamin I had created my own personal vitamin tailored for what my body needs.

The survey is simple. It asks you things like your age, what region you live in (annual exposure to the sun affects your nutritional needs), your fruit intake, red meat intake, workout regime, some family history questions, your dietary restrictions, are you a smoker/drinker, sleep schedule, and lastly they ask how you feel. There are a number of boxes to check from. Things like no energy, acne, sadness, joint pain etc. After you fill out the survey (it only takes 3-5 minutes) Vous Vitamin takes all of your answers and determines what kind of things you need in your vitamins. They next make your batch of vitamins based on the answers you gave and ship them to you directly. So cool.

What is interesting is that most generic multivitamins have been called into question lately regarding the possible harm they might cause. They can exceed recommended doses of certain nutrients. This is bad. Too much of something is never good. On the flip side of that, our bodies need certain things we just can’t give them on our own. Many of us lack Vitamin D and iron. Those are two super important things our bodies need. I know I am lacking in both of those departments, especially iron. Commercial multivitamins are just that. Commercial. Mass produced. Over produced. It’s a generic pill with “good stuff” in it, when really they could be causing more harm than good.

By filling out the Vous Vitamin survey they can determine exactly what it is that your body needs. It’s all safe and made with naturally derived ingredients as well.

“Our products are always freshly made locally and only in the United States from the highest quality ingredients. Your fresh-packed vitamins are gluten free, non-GMO, lactose free and produced without any meat or meat products. The vitamins will be sent directly to you”.


I have been taking my vitamins for over a month now and I feel great. I have been walking 5-8 miles a day, seem to have more energy, and I can tell I am getting more iron because I am bruising less. I used to bruise so easily due to lack of iron intake.

I highly suggest checking them out and taking their survey. It is always worth taking a chance on something new if it could help your body gets what it needs!

Vous Vitamins want to show my readers some love too! They are giving two of my readers a situational vitamin pack. 

Power Up’ for an energy boost any time of day. ‘Immune Blast’ yourself when everyone else is coming down with something. Or use ‘Recovery Act’ to stave off effects from that big night out…

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To enter like their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/vouspersonalizedvitamin and leave a comment on their wall saying I sent you! I will randomly pick two winners in a week.

Good luck! 




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  1. I left a comment on their page!

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