A challenge for my readers.

-This post has been sponsored by Fiber Choice and I have been compensated. All thoughts and opinions are as always my own-


So my 30 days get picky challenge with Fiber Choice is over. As some of you know I was challenged by them to try their products for 30 days. I was already taking a previous fiber supplement and so I was curious as to how the Fiber Choice would stack up.

I am continually impressed. Not to be gross but I feel as though I am on a schedule now with the bathroom. It’s like clockwork. Before I was all over the place with frequency etc, but now I know what to expect. It truly has helped me.

If you are having problems with not fitting in enough dietary fiber, why not try this challenge? It’s only 30 days. See if it can help you out. Not only are you getting more fiber into your system, you are also helping your digestive track! 

Fiber Choice has a coupon on their site and they are also doing a wonderful giveaway.

Every week they are giving winners samples, and also a 500 dollar debit gift card.

Click here to enter–


Final thoughts- I am so glad I gave this product a chance. Not only are the tablets yummy (low sugar and strawberry flavor yum), but they really work. Thank you Fiber Choice for the opportunity.

Get to fiber-ing it up you guys! 


2 responses to “A challenge for my readers.

  1. Sounds decent. I can’t stomach any more metamucil. Gah.

  2. I like this product, it tastes good and easy to chew and that was an encouragement to keep using it. they keep me away from the need of something sweet. I think Fiber Choice is a successful product.

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