Wow. I just realized I haven’t blogged since Dec 30. Damn!! So sorry. I had fallen off the wagon for months and months, but now I am back and I promise to keep blogging!

Really quickly–

We love our new home on Cedar Key Island. It’s so quiet and quaint. I don’t miss the Florida Keys at all. Our rent is reasonable, food prices are reasonable, it’s quiet, we are still surrounded by water. It was such a good call for us to move!

My weight has been nuts so I decided to go back to my all time favorite way of eating.. Low carb 🙂 Here are some of my meals from the past few days…

I promise you more blogs. I have two recipes planned for you this week. I am doing a cauliflower pizza crust recipe and also a ham, broccoli, egg bake recipe.

I am going to Peru in about a month so I am hoping to get 15 or 20 lbs off. It’s a big goal, but I think I can do it.

How have you guys been on your journey? I hope well!


Your thoughts beautiful people?

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