Mason Jar Salads.

Mason Jar Salads!

Grace Got Healthy!

Ok. So last year when the whole mason jar salads thing hit I was all over it. I went and bought a case of jars immediately. The neat salads packed into a glass jar was so appealing to me. Well turns out I am lazy because I never ended up making one!

Fast forward to last night when my friend Heather made a video about—you guessed it mason jar salads. I had to step my game up!

I decided to go with a taco salad. I used-

mason jarRomaine, Lean beef I cooked up with some homemade taco seasoning, fresh red bell pepper slices, homemade salsa, mexican cheese, black beans, and chobani.

It’s so simple. Just start layering. I put the “wet” ingredients on the bottom so I started with the salsa and worked my way up. mason3mason2

I will probably add a little salsa ranch later. Just shake and eat. Delish!…

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