Today has been pretty chill. It’s my rest day but I am still getting my steps in.

My husband and I have a batch of low carb chili in the slow cooker. It smells amazing in here. If it turns out as good as it smells, I promise to post the recipe in the morning!

Over easy eggs and turkey sausage for breakfast-


Crab cake and asparagus/pesto/burrata salad.


Chili for dinner!

Oh, I also made walnut/coconut/coconut bark. It’s setting up in the fridge right now!


Can’t wait to break this up and try it!

Official weigh is in tomorrow. I’m not sure if I mentioned it– I lost 16 lbs in August along with 3 inches gone from my waist. I am weighing once a week and once a month with my dietician. My goal for September is to lose 15 lbs and 3 more inches!!

See you guys tomorrow! Have a great Sunday!

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