PB Crave Review

I got to try out some awesome peanut butter this week. I wanted to share with you guys!

Who has time for plain PB? I mean yeah. It’s good! But add-ins are all the rage.


–No hydrogenated oil
–No artificial flavors
–No syrups
–No high-fructose corn syrup
–Gluten and cholesterol free
–Small batches, artisan crafted
–USDA-approved manufacturing
–Fun, delicious and nutritious

These flavors were so fun to try.

My husband ate the entire jar of Coco-Bananas. cocob

Made with wild honey, natural banana, and chocolate. I literally only got 2 bites of this. He would not share. Perfect for a quick healthy sweet treat, or on a piece of toast.

Cookie Nookie


Made with cookie dough, honey, and chocolate chips. I loved this one! I used it to make frozen peanut butter balls! Sweet but not overly sweet. Just the right balance.

Razzle Dazzle



Made with wild honey, white and semi chocolate chips, and raspberries. I am not a huge fan of raspberries if I am being honest, but I would still eat this! Not overly raspberry. Sweet from the chocolate.

The nutritional stats are great and the company is small. This means fresh batches of the yummiest peanut butter every single time.

Check out their facebook page-


Or their website-



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