Planet Fitness Tea.

So today I finally dragged my ass out of bed, put on my shoes and gear, and rolled out to Planet Fitness. For a spur of the moment of Christmas gift, I got a one year membership from my husband. 100 dollars for a YEAR. Are you kidding me? I have been to gyms where the MONTHLY bill was 140! I figured even if I went for a few months the price would be worth it.

Now I know NOTHING about PF. The only thing I know is that the biggest loser show pushes them hardcore, and that they are a chain fitness center. That is about it. Keep in mind I have been back on my fitness/health journey since August but all I have been doing is walking. No strength training, no hard core cardio. Just walking. Even after losing almost 40 lbs from my highest weight of all time, I was intimidated. I hate working out in public so I was pretty much dreading this first trip. Here are the deets.

I sign in with my card. I get a good look at the equipment. It has all of the strength training machines, rows of treadmills, stair steppers, ellipticals, and bikes. I told myself just stay for 30 minutes. JUST 30 minutes. I go with my all time favorite. The elliptical. I picked a 20 minute routine in the back row. This particular machine was a little wonky. Rust here and there. Is that a typical PF thing? What I didn’t like was that throughout the workout, if I didn’t leave my hands on the heart sensors it would PAUSE my workout. I like to swing my arms and stuff so it was really annoying. Two interesting things did happen during this workout though. Two machines over was a 21 year old gym bunny. She kept looking over at my speeds to keep up with me. It was cracking me up! Second thing that happened wasn’t that cool. These 3 people were doing this crazy leg swinger in the row in front of me. I had my earbuds in but wasn’t listening to anything. I heard her say “Hey it’s pretty quiet in here. I guess not many new years resolutions to get in shape this year”. Next thing I know she turns around to scout out the “newbies” aka “fatties”. She whispers to her friend in the middle. A DUDE. He turns around and catches me staring at him. I knew they were getting ready to start talking shit. He whispers to the lady next to him. She turns to look at me. I next hear the original lady say “she must have watched the biggest loser last night”. I was like WOW. Number one for a non judgement zone gym, betch was being pretty judgmental! Number two I have lost almost 40 lbs! How does she know my journey? At least I was AT THE GYM. Anyways. I got super angry about it for a minute. Like I wanted to go up to them be like excuse me but you should talk quieter if you are gonna talk shit about people who are already insecure about being in here. It wasn’t a flat out RUDE comment like “look at that cow” or whatever but still. Ugh. People. Anyways. I finished my 20 minutes on the elliptical!

Next I scouted out the strength machines. I hate strength training. Like I hate it. So I told myself just go do more cardio until you come up with a ST routine. I hit the treadmill, did one mile and rolled out. I stayed about 45 minutes total. Goal met!

I came home and did some weighted squats did make up for the fact I did no STRENGTH training and that is my main goal for 2016. Besides getting healthy, and eating low carb, my goal is to get a lot more strength training in. Next trip to the gym it’s on. I WILL DO IT.

After the gym I came home, cleaned house, took a shower, drankΒ some protein shakes, and now I am relaxing writing this blog. I have to start a crockpot full of chicken tikka masala soon for dinner. Yum! I love low-carb! I haven’t been eating enough foodΒ these days though to be honest. It’s so easy to just drink a protein shake and not cook. Must eat more food! Aiming for at least 20 carbs now. I have been hitting 6-10 some days. No bueno.

So final thoughts on the gym. It’s inexpensive, not perfect, but it works. There are tons of locations. Eventually I would like to rebuild my home gym. I got rid of my elliptical, treadmill, and exercise bike when we moved. I would like to get a nice treadmill/ or elliptical and an all over strength training machine within the year so I can just workout at home! For now though, I will use this membership as a tool to reach my goals!

We leave for the South of France and Italy in 5 weeks. My weight loss goal is 12 pounds before we go. Time to work. I got this!!

How is everyone doing so far in 2016? I hope great!! Accountability is my best friend. I love being able to spill my guts to my blog readers. Love you guys! Talk soon!! PS- if you are reading this and are a blogger, I would love to follow you. Leave me a comment with your blog or facebook link in it so we can follow each other!!

XO and lots of zen and health and love





13 responses to “Planet Fitness Tea.

  1. How rude of those folks to be judgemental!! I am proud of you for not responding! It takes an awesome person to be able to do that! As for me, you are my hero and I have been following you for awhile. So, on that note, keep on doing what you are doing. You know it works!!

    • Brenda- First of all thanks so much for following me on my journey, and to call me your hero MAKES MY DAY!!! Thank you so so much. Secondly, I know!! Judging is not cool. If you are gonna talk smack they could have at least whispered!! hah πŸ˜‰ xoxo

      • Wow, Girl! Thank you so much for responding to me! That lets me know you are a real person, just like me and the others who read your posts!! I don’t have a blog, but I have lost a good amount of weight. I had lost 132 pounds, but life happened and I gained 65 of it back! I am an emotional eater and I eat my feelings rather than express them. I am back at it again and have relost 24of the 65, but still have a long way to go. I get so tired of losing the same weight over and over again. I was only 11 pounds from goal when life hit! So now I have 51 pounds to goal and I watch your blog for inspiration as well as other stuff like the recipe for cookies made of oatmeal and banana, make you slap your Moma!! I had them this morning. So hang in there Girl and keep on keeping on….this is going to be your year (and mine as well) cyber ((hugs). Just ignore those rude people! We love you now and forever!!

      • wow girl! I can’t believe how much you have lost. you are so close to getting back to your goal. this is def your year!!!!!! thanks so much for your kind words. it means the world to me!

      • Thank you my friend! My brother is battling cancer with a ketogenic diet. He has lost 50 pounds in 6 months, not from cancer, but from the diet and riding his bike 15 – 20 miles several times a week. His blood work is excellent/normal!! am considering joining him just to try to lose faster and get healthier. What do you think about that? So far I have just been cutting out all sugar, junk food, very little bread, etc. Have a great day and kick some butt at PF. Show ’em who is boss!!

      • I think def get on the keto train. So sorry to hear about your brothers diagnosis, but it seems he is kicking butt!!!!

      • are you following me on facebook? i post a lot there would love to connect with you more!

  2. Hey! First time reader here. Thanks for posting your impression do Planet Fitness. I’m gym shopping so this is always on my mind. Great job losing how much you have so far! I’m just starting out, myself. Anyways, I will be visiting you on here to see how you’re doing!

  3. Those Bovine Defecators!!! They should copulate in an upward direction. I would smack the snot out of them for you if I could. They probably don’t have many brain cells to rub together, and even if they do somebudy seriously πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’© in their wheaties. Feel sorry for them.

  4. People can be such A-holes sometimes. Keep up the good work! You rock! πŸ™‚

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