Hit the gym today. Did TWENTY I repeat TWENTY minutes of strength training. I am so freaking proud. Got on the treadmill for 47 mins after. The best part was that I saw those fools from planet fitness who were talking shit about me as soon as I walked in the door. They saw me and I just smiled and waved. It was so funny!!!!


Super good eating day. I am at 20 carbs and finishing up my gallon of water.

Officially down 40.6 pounds. Next goal is -50. Let’s go!!!!

I hope everyone is staying accountable and feeling great.




10 responses to “1/7/16

  1. Yah, I know those ppl. Weren’t looking fown on me when I went to the gym on crutches or eith steri-strip stitches ear to ear after my thyroidectomy. Everyone was nice after I lost 90 lbs. Funny how it goes when you ignore the doubters and go on with ya bad self! Good job getting the strength training in! Muscles burn fat!

  2. I am proud of ya Sista! Kick some butt and make them eat their mean words!! πŸ™‚

  3. Way to kick it girl! I must go find the post about those folks. I would cuss them for you on one of my bad days if you like. Then you could still be nice.

  4. 😘. back at cha girl

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