I’m coming back..

Starting January 1 I will be posting every single day! I am doing a crockpot challenge. Every dinner will be cooked in the crockpot (any recipe of choice or my own) and I will rate them and give you guys the scoop! It will save us money, time, and inches on our bodies hopefully! Comment below if you are interested in joining! Ps still maintaining at 170. 30 lbs left to go for goal weight.

Having fun

Hi friends. Sorry I haven’t blogged more. I swear i post every single day on my Instagram! Gracekeyxo if you wanna follow!

I have been really enjoying myself. My weight is at 165 lbs and I have only been weighing 2x a month. I am down 170 pounds! My goal weight is still 140. I have work to do but I am so much happier in so many areas of my life!

Exercise is so important to me. I make sure to do something every single day! I also quit drinking. Not permanently or anything, I just realize it was doing more harm than good when it came to weight loss.

I hope everyone is well. I promise some more in depth chats soon. I also want to share a few recipes.

All my love!

Shrimp scampi toasts

Low carb chic fila wrap.

So simple and yummy.