My Story.

285 Pounds. My highest weight.


285 pounds. My friends would ask me how I ever got that big. The truth is simple. I stopped caring about myself. I stopped caring about my life, my health, and everything that was important to me. I had given up all hope of ever living a normal life. I felt as though I was destined to always be lost. No direction, no sense of who I was, I simply gave up. After struggling with body issues my entire life it was just something that I got use to. I overcompensated with my weight by being super obnoxious. You know that girl. Always loud, telling jokes, trying to take the focus OFF of my weight. I never really fit in with any of my friends. I always felt like such the outcast.

I was always on a “diet”. I did manage to lose about 30 lbs and dropped down from a size 14-16 to a size 8 after high school. I was so immensely proud of myself. I started getting a lot more attention. Not the good attention. The oh you lost weight, now we can be together attention. I became super wild. I started partying. Experimenting, drinking, smoking. All of the things that I thought would somehow make me cool. It really just led me into a dark depression.

I slowly started gaining back the weight. But instead of getting back up to 187, I got to 250. It seemed like a matter of months that the gain took place. I was so ashamed. I ended up in Florida, meeting my future husband, and gaining another 35 lbs putting me at 285 pounds. Almost 300 pounds.

I started drinking and eating excessively. Even more so. We would eat out at fancy restaurants or fast food twice a day. Exercise? Not so much. I would be out of breath just walking down the stairs. The only exercise I got was “walking” my dog. More like just PRAYING he would go to the bathroom so I could hide back inside. The bigger I got, the more food I would binge on. The more alcohol I would consume. I ended up trying nutrisystem. The portion control was great and taught me a lot. I lost 40 pounds!

In 2007 I ended up moving to the Florida Keys with CS (husband). It was the greatest and scariest decision of my life. Pack up everything and move to a desolated island chain? Why not.  We were so happy to be here in the Keys. We started another food/drinking binge and just as fast as I had lost the 40 lbs, it reappeared. Enter in the depression.

One night I had drank almost an entire bottle of bubblegum vodka. I was feeling super sorry for myself. I drank to escape my reality. My morbid obesity. When I was drunk I didn’t feel fat. I felt nothing. As you can imagine I woke up the next morning SUPER sick. Something happened at that moment. I was lying there and all of a sudden a light bulb went off. I knew if I didn’t stop this vicious cycle of food addiction, drinking addiction, binging, smoking that I would not live a very long life. I thought about all of the self destruction I had been doing to myself my entire life. I was never giving myself a chance to succeed. I was failing on purpose.

I started changing that day. I HAD to get healthy. But how? I knew I couldn’t do another diet plan. They just simply do not work for me. Maybe if I tried to make small changes that it would help lead me somewhere good I thought. So that is what I did. I stopped drinking soda. I stopped eating fast food. I started exercising 6 minutes at a time. I made a conscious effort to LOVE myself, and make better choices for myself. I started researching. The more I learned the easier it was for me to continue on the good path. I started reading health blogs. That really encouraged me. I started experimenting with vegetables. It was working. I dropped 40 pounds.

For the next few years I worked at balancing my healthy eating habits. I ended up losing a total of 80 pounds over the next few years. That didn’t last long though before I started binging again. It is something that I fight this very day. I am not perfect. I am not going to say I don’t have the occasional drink. I do. I don’t always make the best decisions. What I will do though is try to help anyone out there who truly wants to change. I have opened up my entire life to a community. The ups, the downs. It’s like a roller coaster. I know I have come so far, but I still have work to do. Join me on my journey as I try to finally get to my first goal of reaching 199 lbs. From there who knows!

Thanks for reading! ❤

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72 responses to “My Story.

  1. love you and so proud of you

  2. Amazing woman! How did you quit smoking? Its such a hard habit to break!

    • Thank you Kirsty! I started to cut back, and as I started getting healthier, my need for smoking just kind of went away. It didn’t make sense to be working out and in the next hour puffing on a cig. It got easier. I feel a million times better!

  3. Janet Richardson

    Love you Lady Grace! Proud of you! You are a ROCKSTAR!

  4. thanks so much for sharing so candidly – for being you and for all the support you give

  5. Grace, I just teared up . I have had a hard time with the baby weight and huge life changes, but i kept finding excuses. read as: I was up all night with the baby and i worked all day and now i have to do laundry and load the dishwasher and after i scarf down something easy while standing up in record time im going to watch some tv and relax……….. yeah well i caught a profile of myself in the mirror and then looked back at all those new mommy baby pics everyone wanted to take and realized they were not bad photographers or bad angles or bad light . THAT WAS ME ? it had to stop and honestly you were a huge part of that . now my workout time still isn’t anything like marathon training its a lil everyday . on sundays i cook for the week as clean as i possibly can . i can’t drink a bottle of wine and be the mom i want to . so things are naturally starting to balance out . Thanks for always posting something positive for those days when i don’t feel so strong

    • A- I know you are going to find the perfect balance for everything. Keep twisting and plotting and figuring out just as you have been. I am glad you are going to give yourself the time you need also. So important! If you ever need some help I am always here for you. Thanks for supporting me and most of all being a good friend all of these years. I love you! Continued success as a mommy and in everything else you choose to do!

  6. Ashley H. (Spark buddy)

    I always love reading your story. You always have and always will be such an inspiration to me Grace. You keep it real and you are truly an amazing woman! I am so proud of all that you have done ❤

  7. Oh Grace, how I love you ❤ You're an amazing inspiration and we're here to back you up lady!! Keep going… I love the website! ❤

  8. Great story. Congrats on losing all that weight! Was curious, since your husband ate at fancy restuarants and all too, is he overweight? Are you both now motivated together as a couple to be fit? Because life is so much better when you can be on the same page as someone (especially your loved one) and help each other out. Nice blog.

    • Thanks for the comment! Christopher has always been a person that was skinny. However he himself had gained 40 lbs during our initial time together. He turned it all around and dropped all that weight plus some. No one ever noticed, because he always was so “lean”. He has been my biggest support system ever! We live a super active lifestyle together. He is an avid cyclist and rides 12 miles at least a day, eats all my healthy foods, and truly supports me! I couldn’t ask for more.

  9. Do not give up. When you stumble…get up and keep making as many good choices as you can… Do this for yourself, your loved ones and for me! God made you special. You are beautiful. You are a success! You are an inspiration to many. Keep on keeping on!

  10. Wow! So inspiring! Good for you for turning things around & realizing. Thank you for sharing your story & thoughts!!!

  11. i know i have told you on many occasions but you are amazing, grace….that’s right Amazing Grace! 🙂 you deserve the best and thanks for inspiring me time and time again. thanks for sharing your life and journey with us all. im so glad we met during that nutrisystem experience. -Ashlee Byram

  12. (((((((HUGS))))))))))) amazing. I can relate on so many levels!! God bless you and I’m following now!

  13. Hey Grace! Thanks so much for sharing. I’ve spanned 120 lbs in my adult life (currently at a very healthy weight but I feel better a little underweight) and I think it is so realistic to just say that the urge to binge or misuse food doesn’t disapear as you reach your goals. You just learn to deal.

    I’m very happy for you on this journey. You’re amazing.

    Btw – I don’t know if you plan to have excess skin removed, but if you do, talk to me. 🙂 I just had my “overhang” cut off. Pics on my blog, but it is still healing.

    • Congrats on your weight loss as well! Since my loss has been so slow and steady, I really don’t have any excess skin. I will see how I feel when I finally reach my goal weight. Thanks for the support and so happy to be on the journey together! 🙂 Heal quickly and much love! -g

  14. Congrats to you for taking those steps! My sister and I have both found that healthy living is best approached in steps, just as you’ve described. More power to you!

  15. I just started following your blog. I am not one to normally do this. I feel like I have to get healthy, not diet. I am exactly 284 lbs and I have to loose weight for me, I want to be here for my son. I want to live a full life. You are so inspiring and I don’t feel so alone. Thanks for the courage to post such a intimate part of your life.

  16. Our stories are not the same, but I think that we have come along similar paths growing up. It is so hard to find weight stacking back on and feel hopeless. I have been there so many times. I am reading a book that has been helping me. But it’s a daily thing to make good habits form and not fall into the abyss.

  17. Love you, Grace!

  18. I have nominated you for the sunshine award. I think your blog is awesome and I love what you are doing. It is inspiring to read about your goals and progress. Here is a link to the nominating post if you would like to know more about the award ☺

  19. Such a beautiful story
    thankyou for sharing it in a public forum
    sending support and well wishes.

  20. Inspiring story and thanks for sharing it with the world.

  21. Your story is so inspiring! I never knew your background until I clicked on your “my story” link. I just assumed you had always been a healthy person. What a great testimony of how someone can change her life. I have nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. 🙂 To accept the award, visit this post: Love your blog!

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  23. My French Heaven

    Dear Grace, I nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. You can go check it out here if you are interested:0)

  24. I have been nominated for the Sunshine & Very inspiring blogger awards and wanted to pass them along!
    Feel free to not participate if you find it boring or difficult to “circulate” or if you’ve been nominated before! Thank you for your nice blog, I really enjoy reading it!

  25. wow! Congratulations! You’re so inspiring! We can all do more to lead healthier lives. You look great!

  26. Found your blog today via Fat Girl Rehab on FB. You’re inspiring!

  27. Love your blog and story. I’ve nominated your for the Sunshine Award!

  28. What an inspirational life you live Grace! I was binging, all the time. Food was my only comfort, but I just woke up one day. I knew if I didn’t change that I was going to die. I am a petite woman. Standing at 5″2 and weighing in at 261 I knew I had to change. I was closer to 300 then 200… it was a shocker for me. I am now weighing in at 238 lbs. I have so much work to do and I still struggle with my bad habits everyday… I make mistakes, I eat bad things, I don’t go to the gym enough… but I know I can do this… Anyways… thank you for sharing your story Grace! 🙂

  29. Stumbled into this blog while I was researching about the reality show “Too Fat For Fifteen”. This is inspiring. Thank you so much!

  30. What a truly special and inspiring person you are, Grace. Thank you for sharing your story and allowing us all along on your journey! Best wishes. Kx

  31. Wow! What an inspirational story! I think people who are battling obesity and food addiction issues can learn a lot from you. Especially in the way that you decided to just make small changes first, such as stopping drinking soda and exercising for 6 minutes at a time. Often people are so overwhelmed by how big the task is that they feel defeated before they’ve even begun but if they break it up into tiny chunks in this way they can succeed and conquer their weight slowly. Keep up the good work, I love your writing too btw. Best wishes Jali x

    • Thank you so much for reading my story and leaving me such a kind comment. Small changes can lead up to something wonderful! I followed your blog and can’t wait to learn more about you!

  32. You are an inspiration! It is so hard to break habits, especially emotional ones but you are showing that it can be done 🙂 Well done you!

  33. It’s hard undoing so many years of bad habits. It’s a battle I’m facing too. It always helps to know we’re not alone. It’s all too easy to feel like you’re on a tiny little rock in the middle of nothing. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to following along with your journey to a healthier you!!

  34. Thanks for visiting my blog! Love that you are an icon of inspiration for others.

  35. Wow. And how beautiful you look!

  36. You are Such an inspiration!!

  37. Hi, Grace–First of all, thanks for reblogging our post on Bicycle Spring Rolls. Next, good luck on your quest for your first goal. I notice that the header of your blog has a photograph of a bicycle. I hope it’s not just a metaphor! Jody and I love cycling and it’s a great way to get exercise, see the world, enjoy yourself, and be part of a supportive community. Good luck. Ken

  38. Wow — amazing. I just randomly came upon your blog and I’m glad I did. So candidly open and honest — a rarity. Thank you for that, and I will absolutely be following, along with many others I’m sure.

  39. Yay for you, Grace!

  40. Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy

    Is there any way I can co tact you through email, Grace?

  41. I am proud of you. LIke you, I am also fighting the weight gain. It is the hardest battle one can fight. My heart is with you and so are my prayers. xoxo Fellow heavy person.

  42. Awesome! That was so inspiring to hear that real life can happen and still lose weight!

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  44. I can relate.

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