We took out our kayaks this morning. It was a great row minus me dumping myself into the water. No worries though I saved my phone! These pictures are from Saddlebunch Key MM 15.20140324-160743.jpg









I can’t wait to go again!


Sorry it’s been a while friends. This will be a quick blog as well. Just wanted to let you guys know that I signed up to “run” a half marathon! I know it’s crazy. I hate running! It’s hard! It’s scary! That is what I decided to do it! My friend Jocelyn and my husband will be doing it with me. I have a training plan that will help get me ready by January. Super excited. I started training last week, running a few miles here and there. However, this happened yesterday- WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGE!

20130909-120730.jpgMy mangled toe.

20130909-120743.jpgOperating on my toe. Do not try this at home kids.

20130909-120758.jpgAll wrapped up!
I fell into a small hole in my backyard, It was covered by grass and I simply was not paying attention. My left foot went directly into hole! I have bruises all up and down my left leg, and obviously a super sore toe. I swear this is JUST my luck!

In other news we had some work done to my powerboat. It is running beautifully. Here are a few ocean shots to get your mind off that mangled toe pic!








I am concentrating on my nutrition this week since obvi I am not working out. I will try to blog more often this week I promise!!


Take care of yourselves–


A trip to Sea Center.

So this weekend my neighbor informed me that my 17 foot powerboat was sinking! It really was! Our bilge pump failed, battery failed, and my boat’s ass filled up with hundreds of gallons of water. My husband bailed it out, and we have been watching it closely ever since. The leaking went from 4 gallons per hour to about one gallons per hour. Great, but not that great. We decided to take it to Sea center in Big pine key to get fixed. We think it’s a busted drain pipe, fingers crossed! The best part about living on a island? We literally dropped our boat off, and walked home in about twenty minutes. Here are a few pics from along the way.














Hope we will have the VillaVillaKula back in action soon!

Bells will be ringing.

20121227-102604.jpgView from the seven mile bridge in Marathon. Takes my breath away.

20121227-102618.jpgWe enjoyed a few bottles of this pearly sake over the Christmas break. Oops 🙂

20121227-102656.jpgView from my favorite restaurant Burdines. Note- I had a grilled shrimp quesadilla!

20121227-102713.jpgBeautiful Ketch.

20121227-102727.jpgLook at all the fun stuff I got for my husbands stocking!!

20121227-102745.jpgOur washer broke this weekend. We ended up getting this LG Steamer washer/dryer. It is the best appliance I have ever had!

20121227-102800.jpgStarted off Christmas morning with a frozen mocha. Note- I drank two sips and poured it down the drain. I was just not into it!

20121227-102836.jpgGot this in my stocking. Decided to paint it while my roast was cooking.


20121227-102921.jpgChristmas salad. Spring greens, sunflower sprouts, kalamata olives, mozzarella, and artichokes.

20121227-102941.jpgSweet potato mashed potatoes, riced cauliflower.

20121227-103016.jpgThe spread. Prime rib roast with horseradish, mash, salad, crab balls, and cauliflower.

20121227-103036.jpgFresh blue crab crab balls.

20121227-103106.jpgI am out. DONE!

20121227-103147.jpgDecided to go on a Christmas boat ride.

20121227-103158.jpgKingsley’s first powerboat ride.

20121227-103213.jpgMostly calm.

20121227-103251.jpgHey mom.

20121227-103337.jpgI will never get sick of the ocean.

20121227-103546.jpgPippilotta flying in the wind.

20121227-103558.jpgThis is fun.

20121227-103609.jpgHeaded home.

20121227-103620.jpgI see land!

20121227-103628.jpgMy muttley crew.


20121227-103802.jpgWe decided to switch into puzzle mode Christmas night.

20121227-103811.jpgBlack Lab!

20121227-103821.jpgBirdie puzzle.

20121227-103841.jpgWe relaxed.

20121227-103851.jpgI got so many great wonderful presents. These came in my stocking tho. What a husband. Got two of my favorite scents 😉

20121227-103903.jpgCaught this baby spiny lobster. No worries he got released!

20121227-103911.jpgWe all had a wonderful Christmas Break. Especially Kingsley. It was his first!


Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Tell me about it!

Weekend sights.

It’s been a super nice weekend. I have managed to get in lots of exercise, and not totally over indulge. Here are some pictures for you 🙂

Picked this up from the market- Tri colored corn, raspberries, okra, squash, grapefruit, red potatoes, 2 sweet onions, broccoli, green beans, tomatoes, green pepper, avocado, 2 organic spinach boxes. We also went to the seafood market in Marathon. We got 2 pounds of key west pink shrimp, 1 lb of hogfish, 1 lb of yellowtail snapper, and 1 lb of large sea scallops. She also gave us some smoked salmon to try. It was amazing.

Got these herb plants for 2 dollars a piece. Sweet basil, spearmint, and rosemary. I honestly hope I can keep those cuties alive!

Saw this and almost bought it. Adorable.

We had sushi for lunch. This is the king crab roll.

And the spicy tuna sandwich.

Nautical stuffs.

Decided to take a quick boat ride last night. My oh my was it cold! It was so beautiful though!

The best raspberries I have had in a long time.

Raspberries, orange blossom honey, and plain greek chobani yogurt. The best breakfast ever! Yum.

That is all I got so far for ya! I will be sharing my meal plan for the week on the blog later. Got to go get some exploring and playing done right now. Talk to you guys soon!