Dinner and a Challenge!

Check out dinner. I made a huge salad for two. With spinach, romaine, carrots, jalapeno, red pepper, onion, tomatoes, mushrooms, cucumber, and chicken.


I topped it with a bit of shaved parmesan and tossed it with a bit of organic and natural caesar dressing (6 grams of fat a tbsp).


My portion with Gasp a slice of multi grain french bread(I was low on calories). 😀



My friend over at http://tryingnottobefat.com/ and I have decided to do a salad challenge together!

Starting Monday April 10 we will incorporate one salad into our daily meals for a week. That is right ladies and gentlemen. One salad every single day for a week!

Not the kind of salads that make you want to cry either! We are talking about tons of greens, healthy proteins, healthy fats, and whatever else you can come up with on these salads. I am excited because I love a good salad. It takes me forever to eat them, and they keep me feeling full!

If you would like to join us on this salad challenge you can comment on this blog post!

If you want to be a fancy pants, take a picture and post it on my facebook wall (or onto trying not to be fat’s wall). There is nothing better than being accountable! Show us your beautiful salads!

Make sure you stock up this weekend with tons of good stuff. 🙂

Have a good night guys!

Weekend Update.

This weekend has been so nice. The best part has been staying on track. I have continued to stay active, be accountable and drink water all weekend long. It is not impossible to continue living a healthy lifestyle on the weekend! I did have a few glasses of chardonnay, and I made a pretty amazing white pizza on Saturday night. GUILT Free! It was my one splurge for the week, and I made the pizza as healthy as I could possibly get it. I also stuck to a small portion. Being healthy doesn’t mean giving up ANYTHING. It means changing your thoughts and thinking outside of the box. You can make any meal you love healthy/healthier I promise.

The plan for the week is to finish up the 30 day shred and start transitioning over to biking. I really want to get back to my 30 mile rides. Eats will be all accounted for and made at home. One more week of the eating in challenge. It has been really good for me. I have lost weight, and saved a lot of money! I think my husband and I have decided we are going to go out to dinner once a month after the challenge is over. Sort of like a date night. The rest of the meals will be prepared from home. Of course life happens, but I am hoping once a month works out for us.

It feels so good to be back on the right track. As you all know I struggle just like everyone else. It is a hard journey. My advice? Just get the ball rolling. It feels amazing. One good decision can lead to ten more good decisions. You can do it!

Eats/Randomness from this weekend-

Belvedere is 7 and loves barking!

Pippilotta wanted a boat ride.

Kingsley likes Chobani.

Took the pups for a walk at the horseshoe here in the lower Florida Keys.

Keep the Keys beautiful!

I sat on my boat and watched the clouds roll in.

It rolled right by us! Yes the endangered key deer are cute. Do not touch, or feed them. You are setting them up to die! They being to associate cars with food= death.

The last watermelon of the season.

Bananas, Watermelon, Tangelo salad.

One must eat a huge huge salad in a huge huge glass bowl!

Sunday eggs are a tradition in this house.

Finally got the white pizza sauce down to a science. Chop two cloves of garlic. Add to extra virgin olive oil with some oregano and garlic powder. Let sit for 10-20 minutes. Add to pizza. Small amounts of ricotta. Mozzarella.Basil. Tomato. Extra oregano. Swoon.

My little slice of heaven.


Here is to a good weekend, and a even better week. Good luck!




Food Inspiration.

Here are just a few pictures of some of the wonderful meals people are making at home.

More pictures to come! You can post pictures on my facebook page–


or email me at gracetinixoxo@gmail.com

Eating In Challenge with Grace Got Healthy.

I started thinking about how much my lifestyle has changed since I began living in the Florida Keys. Literally we live in the middle of the ocean. That means very limited shopping, restaurants, etc. That is right. No Chipotle, Red Lobster, Olive garden, Carrabas, Panda Express, Hardees, Panera, just to name a few. What we do have? Overpriced expensive restaurants, and a few fast food chains sprinkled up and down the highway. I think there are three Mcdonalds in the entire Lower Keys. Starbucks? Like two of those I think. It has been a really big blessing for me considering my heart belongs to a french fry. If I want said french fry it literally is a 60 mile back (round trip). Do you know how AMAZING that is for a food addict? There is no way in hell I am going to drive 60 miles for fast food!

I started to think about my mainland friends. There must be a place to grab food every single place you turn…. Continue reading “Eating In Challenge with Grace Got Healthy.”

30 day challenge still on like Kong.

Yes. I will be waking up to Jillian in the morning. For those of you who don’t know, I am doing a 30 day exercise challenge starting tomorrow. 30 days of Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. Feel free to join me! I will do a check in post every single day, and we can all check in to be accountable. If you don’t have the 30 day shred, feel free to join us with another workout tape!! Good luck guys! Don’t forget to take measurements before you start. Inches, weight etc.Image

My 30 day Challenge-

Thinking back to my childhood, I can’t recall every being pushed to excel in any particular area. I was average at basically everything. From school, activities, and sports. Just average all the way across the board. I was never pushed in any certain direction, so I just seemed to kind of float right in the middle. My sister always had a “thing”. It was excelling at english/vocabulary/writing/reading you get the picture. She was desperate to read everything and anything she could get her hands on. I recall her being so excited to read all the grown up magazines at my grandmother’s house. She would pour through copies of The New Yorker like it was nothing. The school she attended wanted to put her through to the next grade. I was always extremely envious of her mind. I know she has problems with logistical things (we both can’t read a map, or do math), but I just remember wishing I had something.  Continue reading “My 30 day Challenge-“