Weekend Roundup.

Hi lovelies! I hope this Monday is treating you well. We had a great weekend over here. I got all my training in, the house cleaned, the house stocked up with yummy healthy food, and I got in the most awesome fishing trip!

20131014-122833.jpgSeafood purchase= 2 lbs of large Key West pink shrimp, 2 filets of Mahi, 1 lb of wild salmon, 2 yellowfin tuna filets.

20131014-122852.jpgI saw these notebooks on sale for 49 cents and HAD to have them. I especially love the red and white chevron print. I have been obsessively keeping a food journal. Bite it, WRITE IT! Now I am stocked up til winter 😀

20131014-122904.jpgThis was some of the view I had fishing out in Big Pine Channel.

20131014-123020.jpgTime to come in. Booo!

20131014-123030.jpgOne more 🙂


20131014-123103.jpgThe biggest porgy fish ever! I was cleaning and fileting fish for two hours. We ended up with 2 lbs.

20131014-123129.jpgMy handsome man. Kingsley.

20131014-123142.jpg3 mile walk today. My legs were killing me! I had a 15 minute mile pace though so I will take it.

20131014-123205.jpgand 5 miles on Saturday. It was HOT!


I have been eating meals from diet to go this week. They were nice enough to send me a week of meals for review. Those end tomorrow though and so I hope to throw up some recipes for you guys. I know for sure I am making shrimp feta salad on Wednesday. Mmm 🙂

Hope you all are well!

Chat soon loves.



That’s a wrap.

We had a super chill weekend. We took the dogs out for a lot of adventures, took naps, walked a ton, and had a few glasses of wine on Sunday. Simple.20130211-121317.jpg

The dogs at their favorite watering hole. 20130211-121327.jpg

Caught this queen angelfish in the trap. She was beautiful and lived to swim another day!20130211-121339.jpg

Twice stuffed baked seafood potatoes. They were banging, but literally took like 90 minutes to make! Stuffed with shrimp. Mmm. I healthified them at least!20130211-121352.jpg

The trails we walked.20130211-121403.jpg

Belvedere leading the way.20130211-121413.jpg

There was a controlled fire burn here that got a little out of control a few years back. Oops.20130211-121424.jpg


Stopped by the blue hole and was surprised to find both gators hanging out.20130211-121503.jpg



Belvedere is turning 8 this month. He is spunky and ready to play!20130211-121535.jpg

Kingsley boy.20130211-121543.jpg

Oh hai I fell asleep on the ride home.20130211-121548.jpg

Caught a grouper! Yum!20130211-121557.jpg

and a stone crab! 20130211-121613.jpg

Told you it was a simple weekend! 🙂 I am ready to get a ton of walking in this week, continuing to eat healthy, and stay in a positive head space.

Windy Weekend.


It’s been a chilly and windy weekend here in the lower Florida Keys. Not that I am complaining. I know that most of the country is covered in snow right now! This weekend was super low key. We did a lot of hanging out! 20130204-111622.jpgI got this photo accepted into the official Key West tourism website.

20130204-111638.jpgDecided to submit this picture as well. They accepted it! I feel so fancy!

20130204-111751.jpgTook a lot of puppy pictures. Here is Kingsley just hanging out.

20130204-111807.jpgPippi needed some photo love also.

20130204-111759.jpgBelvedere and Kingsley.

20130204-111818.jpgStealing my chobani.

20130204-111840.jpgGetting chobani everywhere.

20130204-111928.jpgCaught and released this spider crab.

20130204-111946.jpgDaisy wanted to go outside so badly!


20130204-112108.jpgHusband hanging on the boat.

20130204-112122.jpgNice seafood run. Key West Pink Shrimp, LIONFISH, Hogfish, and ahi tuna.

20130204-112134.jpgDehydrated some apples.

20130204-112142.jpgMade some banana chips.

20130204-112200.jpgWent out for sushi at Sunset Grille.

20130204-112208.jpgLove this spot going over the 7 mile bridge in Marathon.

20130204-112227.jpgPulling traps.

20130204-112239.jpgWatched the sunset.

If you have a moment please do me a favor. Please vote for Kingsley’s adorable brother Shakes in the Archego Gallery cutest pet contest.

Shakes is a special needs pup. He has a brain abnormality that makes his coordination and hearing a little off. This means he wobbles a lot and falls down, but he NEVER stays down. He keeps getting up. I wish I could take Shakes home to be with his brother Kingsley, but it is absolutely impossible for us to have four dogs. I have been trying to find him a home for the past 6 months. He is beautiful, full of life, and will keep a smile on your face.

The winner of the photo contest receives a thousand dollar donation, so that would go directly to the SPCA. PLEASE take the time to click this link, scroll down to the bottom, find shakes, and click VOTE. Let’s keep him in first place!! I hope this helps get him some special attention and that he will find his FURREVER home! Thanks again guys!



Adventures of Kingsley.

Kingsley has been a part of our family for almost three months now. It seems much longer. He fits right in with everyone. We all adore him. He is spunky, happy, and always a ball full of energy. All three of the pups are best of friends.74753_302624226505445_355334335_n

Pippilotta, Belvedere, and Kingsley.

Poor Kingsley has had us a nervous wreck all weekend. On Saturday morning he was very apathetic, lethargic, yelping, and drooly. He puked up his lunch, and I knew something was wrong. I had never seen him so sick. He refused to drink water. I immediately thought he must have a blockage. We found a gold bow that had been chowed down on so we thought oh no. Vet time. We rushed him to the Marathon Vet Hospital for xrays. Turns out there was a small amount of stuff in his tummy, but they couldn’t identify if it was food or not. We went home with no meds.

12041_305202839580917_270086999_nMy sad sick boy.

Sunday morning he was a little better, but mostly still really uncomfortable. I made another appointment with the vet for first thing Monday morning. We brought him in to meet with Dr. Molly just a few hours ago.He got more xrays and blood work done. He showed no blockages, and perfect blood work. Poor little Kingsley was/is just having a really bad GI problem. They gave us doggie peptic ac, and pepto. I was so relieved that it was something so simple. I was thinking he was going to have to get surgery! We all learned a lesson. It’s super important to keep a really close eye on your pets. NOTHING can be left around for them chew on either. I mean NOTHING. Part of his GI problem has to be something that he ate I think.

Anyways, Kingsley is resting and acting a bit better. I am hoping he is completely better really soon. Thanks for all of the concern. Kingsley and I really appreciate it! Here is the first Kingsley toy interaction that I have seen in days. Made me smile 🙂



This weekend was not very relaxing! Hope yours was! 🙂 Happy Monday!