Sorry it’s been a while friends. This will be a quick blog as well. Just wanted to let you guys know that I signed up to “run” a half marathon! I know it’s crazy. I hate running! It’s hard! It’s scary! That is what I decided to do it! My friend Jocelyn and my husband will be doing it with me. I have a training plan that will help get me ready by January. Super excited. I started training last week, running a few miles here and there. However, this happened yesterday- WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGE!

20130909-120730.jpgMy mangled toe.

20130909-120743.jpgOperating on my toe. Do not try this at home kids.

20130909-120758.jpgAll wrapped up!
I fell into a small hole in my backyard, It was covered by grass and I simply was not paying attention. My left foot went directly into hole! I have bruises all up and down my left leg, and obviously a super sore toe. I swear this is JUST my luck!

In other news we had some work done to my powerboat. It is running beautifully. Here are a few ocean shots to get your mind off that mangled toe pic!








I am concentrating on my nutrition this week since obvi I am not working out. I will try to blog more often this week I promise!!


Take care of yourselves–


Let’s get to it.

Friday has been pretty good. It felt like a strong start! I have been all over the place so today I just wanted to be grounded.

My goals? Healthy eats, 10,250 steps, and 1 gallon of water.  KILLED IT BRO!

20130308-144241.jpgThis happened. Super proud of this!

20130308-144251.jpgActually got in almost 15000 K steps!

20130308-144332.jpgTaste of the rainbow. JUICE! Breakfast.


20130308-144422.jpgSo calm today! Glad I got my ass walking.

20130308-144440.jpgBig Pine Channel.

20130308-155834.jpgGrilled chicken wraps for lunch!

20130308-155856.jpgGrilled chicken with bell peppers, onions,, mozzarella, guacamole wrapped in romaine leaves.


Baked wild salmon, purple yams, and mixed veggies for dinner.

Happy Weekend friends. I plan on resting up. My allergy is still acting up a bit. Maybe some fishing, and hanging out. Have a great one!!!!



Oh allergic woes.

So my allergic reaction to whatever ended up getting a lot worse. I spent four hours waiting in Urgent Care yesterday! They told me it was a generic reaction, shot me up with prednisone, gave me more prednisone, and sent me on my merry way. I am feeling a bit better. Yesterday was SUPER bad though. I was covered in raised itchy welts ALL over my body. Today the itching is gone, but I still have some swelling in my finger and am feeling overall lousy from the steroids. My plan is just to rest up and get back to my normal routine as soon as I am feeling better. I still have to take steroids for the next 4 days though! Pout! Anyways, just wanted to keep you guys updated. Sorry there hasn’t been a ton of new GGH content. Be on the lookout for a few new giveaways, a baked potato leek soup recipe, and a great interview SOON! Miss you all!


Weekend report.

Lots of this happened-


Moo shu chicken eggrolls– working on the recipe


Love this 3 piece sailing canvas.

Mostly we just hung around though. It was cold, and I had a horrible allergic reaction. No clue from what! Still not over it either.

Wish i had more to report!

See you guys back here with my organic share for the week!

The fish are here!


Here are some pictures from our fishing weekend! We caught a total of 34 fish! 20130225-101029.jpgMan o War. These bad boys come with the south winds. Scary!

20130225-101049.jpgRods in!

20130225-101102.jpgPuffer fish! They are extremely toxic, and have super sharp teeth!

20130225-101149.jpgAnchored up. Little Palm in the background.


20130225-101307.jpgBright blue, light blue, green, and white.

20130225-101328.jpgHeaded home!


20130225-101456.jpgGot these lobster tails up at Keys fisheries. 5 dollars for a 5 oz tail. Great deal.

We had a fantastic weekend. I feel like we are both getting much better at fishing. It just takes some time and practice. We are getting new gear this weekend so we can go back out and kick some more ass!

I froze half of the fish we caught for bait, and half of the other fish I gutted, cleaned, and fileted for fish jerky. I used soy sauce, ginger, and orange and marinated the fish for about 24 hours. It’s in the dehydrator right now.

Thanks for reading! I hope you all had a great weekend!


From sea to shining sea.

We struck out on crabs today, but got lucky to get these two colossal boys. I decided to whip up some crab cakes for lunch.20121210-160919.jpgSoaking in ice water.

20121210-160927.jpgCleaned and gutted. Ready for the steamer.

20121210-160936.jpgAll ready to be picked!

20121210-160944.jpgGetting picky with it.

20121210-160950.jpgEnded up about 5 oz.

20121210-160957.jpgMixed with secret ingredients. Not really. Ready to be broiled

20121210-162448.jpgAll ready.


Trip to Boot Key Harbor.

Today has been a excellent day so far. I am typing this from Burdines in Marathon. It is the yummiest place in the middle keys for a cheap awesome lunch.20121207-132610.jpgLittle rainy, but still awesome.

Before we ended up here, we walked around Boot Key Harbor. It’s a marina in marathon. Here is what I saw.

20121207-132640.jpgOn the way up to Marathon.

20121207-132654.jpgAnother storm blowing in.

20121207-132703.jpgDinghy Dock.

20121207-132717.jpgRow row row yo dinghy.

20121207-132728.jpgUhm I might be 12 but this sign is hilarious.

20121207-132740.jpgRock Hall MD!! Represent for my MD peeps.


20121207-132820.jpgCloudy day.

20121207-132830.jpgBoat on da corner.

20121207-132838.jpgGetting cleat-y with.

20121207-132846.jpgHow nautical.


20121207-132908.jpgRows and Rows.

20121207-132917.jpgBailing Grace.

20121207-132926.jpgWe will be here in about ten years. Some schooner somewhere.

20121207-132936.jpgBirdie heaven.



20121207-133006.jpgNew nauti shoes from the hubz.

20121207-133015.jpgI see the sun peeking out.


20121207-133037.jpgIn flight.


20121207-133103.jpgCity Marina.


20121207-133117.jpgLandshark. Meh.


20121207-133141.jpgI want to be on this Buddy Boat list.



Happy Rainy Boaty Friday!

Crafty Crabbies.

This year will be our first year ever getting a Christmas Tree, so I wanted to go all out with the decorations. We have wanted to do something with our crab shells for a long time, so I decided to get crafty.

I saved the crab shells, rinsed them, soaked them in some dish detergent, and let them dry.

Next I laid them out on newspaper. The fun part comes now. I spray painted them green, red, and silver. I will be adding gold once I get new shells.

I will use these cuties for ornaments, or maybe even to string them up with lights. My first crafty project was easy, simple, and almost free!






60 minutes at Bahia Honda.

Taken from my bike or on our hike-20121106-121617.jpgI love the reflection of the bridge in the water.

20121106-121656.jpgSo calm.

20121106-121728.jpgFront side of Bahia Honda State Park.

20121106-121746.jpgAnother bridge view.

20121106-121807.jpgThis is the front side. You can see US 1 to the right.

20121106-121851.jpgIt’s always a good thing to do Jane or Bob!

20121106-121906.jpgRiding down the path to the sandspur beaches.

20121106-121922.jpgSandspur beach entrance 1.

20121106-121935.jpgView from mini bridge in between beaches.

20121106-121950.jpgCouldn’t believe how calm it was.

20121106-122003.jpgSee the gap in the bridge over yonder?

20121106-122017.jpgKayaks. Yellow, orange, and one green oh my.

20121106-122028.jpgMore Kayaks for the yankees.

20121106-122041.jpgI love this place!

20121106-122051.jpgAfter we rode for 60 minutes, we hiked up to the bridge. I wish I had gotten married here! Love this private podium!

20121106-122101.jpgMaking our way up.

20121106-122113.jpgKeep going!

20121106-122136.jpgGreen is my favorite color 🙂

20121106-122151.jpg❤ Be still my ocean beating heart.

20121106-122203.jpgGreen and sparkles– Doesn’t get any better.

20121106-122219.jpgWas really calm in the channel. Spotted 4 giant spotted sting rays. I mean they were the size of boulders.

20121106-122230.jpgMy husband’s favorite view of the entire park.

20121106-122238.jpgMy favorite shot of the bunch. Something about that green that speaks to my soul.

Had a great morning workout at good old Bahia Honda. I must remind myself to go there every single chance I get.