Crafty Crabbies.

This year will be our first year ever getting a Christmas Tree, so I wanted to go all out with the decorations. We have wanted to do something with our crab shells for a long time, so I decided to get crafty.

I saved the crab shells, rinsed them, soaked them in some dish detergent, and let them dry.

Next I laid them out on newspaper. The fun part comes now. I spray painted them green, red, and silver. I will be adding gold once I get new shells.

I will use these cuties for ornaments, or maybe even to string them up with lights. My first crafty project was easy, simple, and almost free!






Oh the places you will go.

Never did I ever dream-

I would be a captain of my own ship.The VilaVilaKula.

Or a first mate on the S/V Therapy. 

Helping navigate a 22 foot sailboat through 4 foot seas about 70 miles away from home. Rigging up a light system on my own, navigating with a flashlight through a dark bay, making insane logistical decisions on my own and those decisions actually helping our situation.

Or wrestling with 1-2 pound spider crabs in twenty feet of water for my family.I let him hold them because the bastard was scary enough to catch! I would spend 3-4 hours at a time hunting for these dudes.

Or that we could catch stone crabs in our backyard.

Or find and drink coconuts.Coconut water is expensive! No way am I paying for it!

Having enough fitness strength to ride my bike for 30 miles stretches at a time.

Or being able to catch dinner with just a piece of squid and a rod.

Or that I would be stomping around for hours bringing home blue crabs. I work hard every winter to fill my freezer full of meat.

Or that I would be living in the middle of the ocean.

Sporting this anchor on my forearm with pride.

Or that I would change my eating habits drastically…

and start living a healthier lifestyle–

To give me the ability to be confident, strong, and truly believe in myself. So I could do all of the above mentioned things.

Plus be a good mother-

and a good wife-

So I can continue doing all of the things I love, continue growing, and continue believing in myself.

Never stop believing. You can live the life you truly want to if you just keep working hard. Don’t stop. ❤


My top 5 favorite GGH recipes.

1. Italian Chicken Stuffed Squash. The flavors of this dish I truly adore. You can’t go wrong with tomatoes and oregano.

2. Buffalo Chicken Wraps. This is a great and simple way to get great flavor and still stay healthy. Wings are great, but deep fried and fatty. You can get the same buffalo flavor with this recipe!

Click here for the rest of my favorite recipes- Continue reading “My top 5 favorite GGH recipes.”

Tubular Tuesday.

Hi friends. These past few days I have been keeping myself busy. After wrapping up my two week eating in challenge + finishing the 30 day shred, I needed a new adventure! I decided to see if I could find some blue crabs to catch. I am from Maryland, so blue crabbing is in my blood. A few years ago we happened to find some down here in the Florida Keys. I was a very happy girl to say the least. Usually the season starts in November. I was determined to find some early this year. We went crabbing Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Saturday was a slow start. We caught 4. The next day we caught 7! Monday  we caught 9! We don’t eat the crab right away. What I do is cook the crab, pick the crab, and freeze it. So far we have gotten two pounds of fresh crab. So exciting! I love being a “freegan”. Free protein + a great workout is a good time.

View from our crab hole.

Sunset at the crab hole.


First catch of the 2012/2013 season!

I love crabbies!

Live blue crab party!

OCD crab picking. I have to separate everything. 🙂

First batch of Vegetable Crab Soup.

Eats from the past few days.

Have you guys played with the panorama feature on the iphone? So cool.

I love this shot from my backyard. The moon, boat davit, and sailboat mast are cool.

Took this picture from the top of the Niles Channel bridge. Not bad for 45 mph on top of a bridge in a car!

Hope you all fabulous.



Insert Blog Title Here.

Down 1.5 pounds this week. I am happy to see a loss! The plan for the weekend is to relax. It’s been a busy week!

Here are some eats from the past few days + some randomness.


Tomorrow is the last day of my 2 week eating in challenge. I have not cheated one time!! I plan on continuing to eat at home, and only do 1 or 2 meals out a month.

Fitness plan for next week is-

60 minutes of biking 6 days a week
+ 2 days of upper body strength training
+2  days of core + yoga.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Wrapping up Tuesday.

Lunch was a little bit of this- Leftover vegetarian burgers I made on top of salad greens, a bit of mozzarella, and creamy balsamic dressing.

After lunch I decided to go for a swim/snorkel/crab hunt. I fought with four huge Caribbean King Crabs. I actually finally ended up landing this one right here! He weighed over 1.5 lbs. I picked him and ended up freezing the meat. I pick and freeze crab meat all season long. I love free protein! I also caught this Key West snapper fish.

After 2.5 hours of swimming I was exhausted! I certainly did not feel like cooking dinner! I was thinking CHINESE FOOD. Quick and easy. Oh wait. Two week eating in challenge. Oh wait that costs money. Oh wait SODIUM! I sucked it up and made a delicious dinner that included leftovers for tomorrow!

Marinated this WILD salmon in some Asian flavors. Garlic, sriracha, lemon grass, fish sauce, light soy sauce, and a bit of brown sugar. So good!

I had 3.5 oz of the salmon, plus a side of mushrooms/spinach and 2 slices of plantains. I loveeed the plantains so much. I just sauted them in a bit of coconut oil with sea salt and pepper. Delightful! These will be a staple in my kitchen from now on.

OH and here are some puppy pictures 🙂

Hope you all had a fantastic TUESDAY! ❤

Weekend Update.

This weekend has been so nice. The best part has been staying on track. I have continued to stay active, be accountable and drink water all weekend long. It is not impossible to continue living a healthy lifestyle on the weekend! I did have a few glasses of chardonnay, and I made a pretty amazing white pizza on Saturday night. GUILT Free! It was my one splurge for the week, and I made the pizza as healthy as I could possibly get it. I also stuck to a small portion. Being healthy doesn’t mean giving up ANYTHING. It means changing your thoughts and thinking outside of the box. You can make any meal you love healthy/healthier I promise.

The plan for the week is to finish up the 30 day shred and start transitioning over to biking. I really want to get back to my 30 mile rides. Eats will be all accounted for and made at home. One more week of the eating in challenge. It has been really good for me. I have lost weight, and saved a lot of money! I think my husband and I have decided we are going to go out to dinner once a month after the challenge is over. Sort of like a date night. The rest of the meals will be prepared from home. Of course life happens, but I am hoping once a month works out for us.

It feels so good to be back on the right track. As you all know I struggle just like everyone else. It is a hard journey. My advice? Just get the ball rolling. It feels amazing. One good decision can lead to ten more good decisions. You can do it!

Eats/Randomness from this weekend-

Belvedere is 7 and loves barking!

Pippilotta wanted a boat ride.

Kingsley likes Chobani.

Took the pups for a walk at the horseshoe here in the lower Florida Keys.

Keep the Keys beautiful!

I sat on my boat and watched the clouds roll in.

It rolled right by us! Yes the endangered key deer are cute. Do not touch, or feed them. You are setting them up to die! They being to associate cars with food= death.

The last watermelon of the season.

Bananas, Watermelon, Tangelo salad.

One must eat a huge huge salad in a huge huge glass bowl!

Sunday eggs are a tradition in this house.

Finally got the white pizza sauce down to a science. Chop two cloves of garlic. Add to extra virgin olive oil with some oregano and garlic powder. Let sit for 10-20 minutes. Add to pizza. Small amounts of ricotta. Mozzarella.Basil. Tomato. Extra oregano. Swoon.

My little slice of heaven.


Here is to a good weekend, and a even better week. Good luck!




A new member of the family.

It is my pleasure to introduce to you my new son.

Kingsley Zissou Shepherd.

He is 11 months old. Bulldog mix. Personally I think that “mix” part is def pitbull. He was rescued from the Florida Keys SPCA. Neglected his entire life, poor little “Rattle” was in animal jail for over four months. We were NOT looking for a dog. REPEAT NOT LOOKING FOR A DOG. When we visit the shelter, it is strictly for just spending time+patting pups and cats. Well this time was different. I knew right away that he just had to come home with us.

My husband and I decided to go ahead and try to adopt him. I guess Christopher fell just as much in love with him as I did. Those eyes. Those paws. Those licks. We had to do a doggie meet and greet with our other two pups. Belvedere + Pippilotta + Kingsley all got along fairly well. The trainer was concerned because Kingsley was not “housebroken” had never been a inside dog, and three dogs in general can be difficult. We decided to take on the challenge.

As of today I am happy to report that Mr. K is doing just fine. Not one pee or poop inside, no chewing, and gets along well with even the cats. Belvedere and him are best friends. They run around like crazy dogs outside and play tug o war with ropies. Kingsley is super super super strong. It is fun to watch. He walks perfect on a leash. He doesn’t bark. Just such a chill amazing dog. Fits in perfectly with us.

Pippilotta doesn’t dislike her brother, she just is a little jealous that he is faster! They sniff each other and go explore in the yard, but she is still trying to get to know him better. I can’t wait for them to do the dance!

Anyways, along with having a new pup I am busy with working out every single day, eating all meals from home, and trying to write. It has been a great week so far.

Hope you all are doing well!

My very first interview.

I was so very honored to be asked to give a interview with My Rebody. It is my very first interview. Please do me a solid and check out my answers. I try to keep it fun 😉


Pictures of our two week eating in challenge to come soon. Everyone is off to a great start.

Friday loving.

Here is what i am currently crushing/ loving on.

Catching 1 dozen Caribbean King crabs in 3.5 hours.

This picture of girl cat “Daisy” giving me the straight up stink eye.

CHOBANI yogurt cups stuffed with randomness. Seen here with apples and almonds.

 Foodie art. Scallop BLT. Beautiful.

Nautical photography. What else is new?

Florida Clouds. They are the best in the world.


Growing my own green onions!

Can I have all 5 of these? Black labs forever.

Love this song. Can’t stop singing it 🙂