Not the most flattering angle…

So okay. Yeah. I didn’t want to post this but I wanted to share that even problem areas get better. I have always had a problem with my lower belly but through fitness and exercise it is certainly shrinking. Picture on left is from March 23. Picture on right is from May 18. I for sure notice a different in size. I know this is awkward but I just wanted to share. Don’t ever give up on yourself!

Late March on the left , May 18.
Here is a picture I thought I would never post haha. Me in Puerto Vallarta at around 255. Throwback Thursday!

I have been working out every single day to try to complete my one mile a day for May. That as I have mentioned has turned into 100. I’m almost at 60 miles, I hope I can do it. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

With everything going on in the world I just have been trying to stay calm and collected.

Now that’s a ^throwback Thursday!! Highest weight 335! Pre gallbladder surgery. Did I mention I had to have emergency gallbladder surgery because it was functioning at 6 percent? Yeah that happened!

Anyways, still working on getting the site together guys I know it’s hard to navigate right now! Thank you for your patience. Happy almost weekend!

Low Key.

What a chill and mellow weekend I had. My husband and I had worked super hard all week in the yard tidying up and improving some things. I scrubbed all of our boats, pruned our banana tree, scrubbed our boat basin, and about a hundred other things. Needless to say when the weekend came we were both EXHAUSTED. We literally took it easy all weekend. I grilled a bit, swam in the pool, played some sims, and just really rested. I can’t believe June has come and gone. Time really does fly!

I didn’t meet my June goals. I did lose five pounds, but I didn’t finish the 30 day shred. That is the thing about living a healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t always go your way. Some months, weeks, days are gonna be easier than others. It can feel effortless, or it can feel like the hardest thing. The point is that we just have to keep trying. I am not upset with myself. I will just continue on my journey. I want to lose 10 lbs for the month of July. My birthday is in 25 days! 🙂

I got a organic share blog coming tomorrow, a diet to go review, a huge giveaway announcement, and I will try to throw a few recipes up this week as well. Take care friends! Hope you all had a good weekend. What are your goals for July?

20130701-104747.jpgThis sailboat was covered in black crap before I attacked it!


20130701-104917.jpgPretty clouds this weekend.

20130701-105116.jpgGrilled zucchini for the grill!

20130701-105126.jpgPlaying the new Sims island adventure 🙂

20130701-105145.jpgHappy Sunday!


20130701-105453.jpgThe new hammock is soo awesome. Comfy and I love the color. We are thinking of getting another one. I don’t wanna share!

20130701-105542.jpgNew chair lounger for the pool.

20130701-105618.jpgWorking from the pool.

20130701-105639.jpgFirst round of cleaning the sea basin. It looks SO much better now. All the black crap is almost gone.


May is donezo.

May was so freaking amazing. 

My total miles walked was 176 at the end of last night.

My total pounds loss was 13.4. 

I blew BOTH of my goals out of the water. 


So today is the first of June and I have committed myself to FINISHING the 30 day shred. Here we go again. Praying for no injuries! I finished Day 1 huffing, puffing, and ready to puke. Word.

Keep it active friends. Summer is here! 🙂

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Reviewing my January Goals.

I had three goals for January 2013.

1. Do 100 miles. 2. Drink more juice. 3. NO SCALE.

I am happy to say that I ended up doing 2/3.

I didn’t make it to 100 miles. I started out really strong, but petered out in the end. I actually stopped keeping track after 60. BOO. I love the idea though!

I DID successfully NOT use the SCALE. It saved me a ton of stress not having to deal with numbers. Yes!

I also had a ton of JUICE. Like a lot of juice!! I am going to keep on with the juicing. So good! ❤

Overall I am happy with January. Sometimes you just have to get your head back into the game. I feel like I have done that. I am ready to ROCK February!

January Goals.

I hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend. I stayed for the most part on track. Here is to a brand new week!

Here are my goals for January.


I have decided to put my scale away for a little bit. The scale is a tool. This tool can be harmful if used too much. I will probably try to wait until Feb 1 to weigh myself.430924_314799968621204_630108243_n

I will be drinking tons of fresh veggie/fruit juice. I ended up getting a “Juicers” box from our local organic co-op. It costs 25 dollars and I will be receiving one every week. More on that later. I am super excited to see what I get each week though!537349_313391555428712_286141592_n (1)

As far as getting in 100 miles, it’s the perfect weather right now in the Keys. I will be doing a TON of biking! I want to build myself back up into the 20-30 mile range. I am keeping track of all the miles I am logging for January. If anyone else wants to join the 100 mile challenge, just comment here. All you have to do is keep track of how many miles you do each day whether it’s from walking, biking, swimming, running, basically any kind of mile you could possibly do.401416_178210362280166_810825243_n

I am excited to keep on this healthy path, and I hope all of you have a plan to succeed as well.

New Month. New Goals.

I am posting my goals here for the month of August. It will help to keep me on track and accountable. Here they are in no particular order. I will revisit them at the end of the month!

August Goals

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