Five Guys Makeover.

I have not gotten a chance to blog in a while. So sorry guys. We are gearing up for our big Cedar Key move and have been busy cleaning and packing and purging. I will have a few blogs up this week including a review of Kombucha tea (so good) and also about my trip to the doctor. I got a full panel of blood work and physical done for the first time in over 10 years. Yes I know. So irresponsible of me to wait so long! More on that this week.

For right now I just wanted to share something I posted on Facebook today. My nutrition has been pretty good this week. I have gotten a ton of water and exercise in. I haven’t binge ate, drank, or ate anything crazy. My husband and I decided to go to Five Guys. I knew I needed to change my usual order which is this.


Bacon cheeseburger, medium fries. I won’t lie, it used to be large fries!!

Not including my choice of toppings (extra cheese, mayo etc.) the meal has–

1873 calories. 103 grams of fat! 171 grams of carbs, 61 grams of protein. That isn’t including a drink. Add in mayo and cheese holy moly.

I started looking at their menu before we went. I went with the following.

Cheeseburger wrapped in lettuce with grilled onions. Little fries. New meal nutritional facts–

712 calories 19 carbs 52 fat 42 protein.


I only had  1/4 the fries which was a victory in itself. Here is what I saved nutritionally wise.

1161 calories, 152 carbs, and 51 grams of fat.

The meal was wonderful. Just by making a few tweaks I got to feel like I was having something special, but at the same time I wasn’t overdoing it. Is it something I would do every week? No. But for once in a while? Absolutely!  It’s all about finding the balance. I am always TALKING about balance instead of just finding it. Today I found it, and I am determined to find it as OFTEN as possible.

The small changes really do add up. Live your life.

Live it well. Much love.







Coconut Thriller Cocktail Recipe. Featuring Partida Tequila.

The weather is heating up and we all know what that means. Grilling outside, swimming, visiting the beach, and playing in the sun. What does that also mean? Cocktails! Who doesn’t love a nice refreshing drink after a long day of working in the garden on a hot summer day? I know I do. I know what I don’t love. CALORIES. SUGARS. CARBS. My favorite drink ever? The classic staple of summer. A margarita.


Can’t you just taste it? For me it has to be on the rocks, with salt. Never frozen! I love drinking margaritas but I hate the guilt I have afterwards. The mix they use in most generic margaritas is absolutely insane. For 4 ounces we are talking 100 plus calories, 25 carbs, and 25 sugars. Now I don’t know about you but I could drink a few of these bad boys without thinking twice. I needed to come up with a solution to my margarita love with little to no calories or sugars.

Lucky for me I was sent some AWESOME tequila to sample!

tequila is a company making awesome quality tequila at awesome prices.


The partida blanco version of this tequila was very clean. It had no aftertaste like most tequilas will have. It was my favorite. So smooth!

The reposado tequila was rich and smooth. I usually can’t drink gold tequila thanks to college (seriously, thanks Jose Cuervo), but this one was great.

I didn’t get to try the anejo tequila but I hear it has hints of fruits and is quite tasty as well.

tequila 2

After I tried a small sip of the tequila (chilled of course) I had to figure out how I was going to enjoy it. I didn’t want to throw it into a shaker with margarita mix so I came up with my own recipe that is so good and so easy!

Coconut Thriller

  • 1 oz of blanca partida tequila
  • 1 can of st. croix coconut seltzer water
  • 1 cup of ice
  • 1 tbsp of key lime juice
  • optional lime slice to garnish 🙂
  • flavorCoconut_img

Add ice, tequila, coconut seltzer, and key lime juice. Stir don’t shake. You could add a salt rim if you like but I am not sure that this cocktail needs it. Enjoy!

Coconut Thrillertequila4

One of these cocktails is around 70 calories! Take that modern margarita.

You can purchase partida tequila just about anywhere. If your liquor store doesn’t carry it just ask someone to order it for you!

Check out their website for more drink tips, coupons, and fun!


What is your favorite cocktail to drink in the summer?