Sorry it’s been a while friends. This will be a quick blog as well. Just wanted to let you guys know that I signed up to “run” a half marathon! I know it’s crazy. I hate running! It’s hard! It’s scary! That is what I decided to do it! My friend Jocelyn and my husband will be doing it with me. I have a training plan that will help get me ready by January. Super excited. I started training last week, running a few miles here and there. However, this happened yesterday- WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGE!

20130909-120730.jpgMy mangled toe.

20130909-120743.jpgOperating on my toe. Do not try this at home kids.

20130909-120758.jpgAll wrapped up!
I fell into a small hole in my backyard, It was covered by grass and I simply was not paying attention. My left foot went directly into hole! I have bruises all up and down my left leg, and obviously a super sore toe. I swear this is JUST my luck!

In other news we had some work done to my powerboat. It is running beautifully. Here are a few ocean shots to get your mind off that mangled toe pic!








I am concentrating on my nutrition this week since obvi I am not working out. I will try to blog more often this week I promise!!


Take care of yourselves–



Hey guys! If you follow me on facebook http://www.facebook.com/Gracegothealthy?ref=tn_tnmn¬†you know I have been nursing a lower back injury. I have basically been in bed for a week! Today was the first day I actually have gotten a few things done, and the pain isn’t driving me crazy. I am hoping that I will be 100% in the next few days. I still want to continue on with my 30 day shred for sure. I also ordered another striiv pedometer to monitor my steps. Not being able to be active has been driving my crazy! Makes you really appreciate when you are healthy and able to exercise. I can’t wait to get back at it.

During the week I have continued to make smart choices and I stuck to healthy eating. Without exercise I managed to lose 2 lbs last week, so yay for small victories.



I plan to be back up and running on my blog super soon. Look out for a week of meal prep blog coming soon.

Thanks for supporting me during this injury friends. It means a lot.

Peace and Love!