Meanie Greenie.

This is Joe Crosses go to juice. You know the dude from Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. He calls it the Mean Green. I had to substitute spinach for kale though!


Granny apple, lemon (peel removed), celery, ginger, cucumber, and spinach.



Perfect. Tastes light, not overly green, and gets me moving!

Happy Thursday!



Reviewing my January Goals.

I had three goals for January 2013.

1. Do 100 miles. 2. Drink more juice. 3. NO SCALE.

I am happy to say that I ended up doing 2/3.

I didn’t make it to 100 miles. I started out really strong, but petered out in the end. I actually stopped keeping track after 60. BOO. I love the idea though!

I DID successfully NOT use the SCALE. It saved me a ton of stress not having to deal with numbers. Yes!

I also had a ton of JUICE. Like a lot of juice!! I am going to keep on with the juicing. So good! ❤

Overall I am happy with January. Sometimes you just have to get your head back into the game. I feel like I have done that. I am ready to ROCK February!

Organic Juicer’s share #4.

Tuesday= New box of organic stuff to juice day! Yay!20130129-135728.jpgThe goods. 3 large grapefruit, 8 fuji apples, green swiss chard, huge bag of carrots, lacinato kale, and two big bunches of regular kale.

20130129-135736.jpgKale has the best texture!

20130129-135722.jpgIt’s hard not to peak in the box on the ride home! Here was the sneak peek.

20130129-135742.jpgMy favorite thing from the box this week is the green swiss chard. Beautiful.

20130129-135749.jpgArtsy apples!

I would give this share a 8.5/10. I really was hoping for some ginger! I am all out. Guess I will be adding garlic this week 😉


Juicer’s box #3.

I picked up box number 3 of my juicing share yesterday. I had to go to a new location. It was kind of annoying to get there! I chose a different location for next time! Here is what I got this week for 25 bucks.

2 large organic beets.
1 bag of organic fuji apples.
1 large bulk of organic celery.
1 box of organic baby spinach.
1 bunch of kale.
1 bunch of red chard.
A ton of fat carrots.

I would give this box a 7/10.




Organic juicers box review.

So we just picked up our first juicing box from Annie’s organic buying club. The club is super organized, and you can order everything you want online. There are tons of options and shares to choose, but we figured the juicing box would be perfect!

You can pick up shares weekly or bi weekly. I am weekly. The share costs 25.00 dollars. Here is what we received-

20130108-140925.jpgThe haul.

20130108-140932.jpgRainbow Swiss Chard the size of my dog. Seriously This bunch of greens is INSANE.

20130108-141028.jpgSuper fresh lacinato kale and romaine.

20130108-141046.jpg2 cucumbers, 5 pink ladies, 5 pears, and almost 1 lb of ginger!

20130108-141037.jpgBroccoli + 2 giant heads of bok choy.

All of this produce is organic and fresh. I feel like I got a super good deal on all of this. It’s impossible to find this kind of quality greens in the Florida Keys. I am a fan!

Expect to see these items in my juices really soon!

More deets of the eats.

423238_313137815454086_252595509_n Juice! Vitamix. Don’t stop til you get enough!

154463_313138545454013_1425588327_n Glorious green juice. Celery, Romaine, Cucumber, Bell peppers, Apple, Lemon.

421167_313140102120524_1442108647_n Drank this on the mighty sea.

483176_313174242117110_840744120_n Carrot Coconut Colada! More juice!

184567_313200185447849_773484602_n Took the pups outside for their sunset walk. 45 minutes.

16584_313232475444620_193722008_nFinished up dinner with some vegetable lentil soup, daiya non dairy shreds, and riced cauliflower.

Drank over a gallon of water, got a great workout in, and wonderful eats. Happy Wednesday!