Sorry it’s been a while friends. This will be a quick blog as well. Just wanted to let you guys know that I signed up to “run” a half marathon! I know it’s crazy. I hate running! It’s hard! It’s scary! That is what I decided to do it! My friend Jocelyn and my husband will be doing it with me. I have a training plan that will help get me ready by January. Super excited. I started training last week, running a few miles here and there. However, this happened yesterday- WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGE!

20130909-120730.jpgMy mangled toe.

20130909-120743.jpgOperating on my toe. Do not try this at home kids.

20130909-120758.jpgAll wrapped up!
I fell into a small hole in my backyard, It was covered by grass and I simply was not paying attention. My left foot went directly into hole! I have bruises all up and down my left leg, and obviously a super sore toe. I swear this is JUST my luck!

In other news we had some work done to my powerboat. It is running beautifully. Here are a few ocean shots to get your mind off that mangled toe pic!








I am concentrating on my nutrition this week since obvi I am not working out. I will try to blog more often this week I promise!!


Take care of yourselves–


Our trip to the reef.

To celebrate my husband’s birthday we decided to take a trip aboard the Marathon Lady. She is a 73 foot fishing party boat. We decided to go on the 9:30am trip so we headed out early with our rods and sunblock. The boat goes all the way out to the reef and hangs out in 20-40 feet of water. They rent out rods, have beer and sodas, and a super helpful staff. The fishing wasn’t too hot, but we ended up catching a decent amount of fish. Christopher caught a few mangrove snapper and grunts. I caught a big eye torro fish and more grunts. You can pay the deck boys to filet up your catch and so we did. We ended up with a total of 18 fish, and over 2 lbs of fish filets. It was a great time. My only suggestion is to make sure you drink PLENTY of water. It was literally insane hot out there. Don’t forget the sunblock either!!20130613-115953.jpg












For the cost if was a good deal. 45 dollars a person. I think I would much rather prefer fishing on my own vessel though. Not enough room to cast, and too many people etc. It is a totally fun time though. Can’t find a nicer crew anywhere.

Trip to Boot Key Harbor.

Today has been a excellent day so far. I am typing this from Burdines in Marathon. It is the yummiest place in the middle keys for a cheap awesome lunch.20121207-132610.jpgLittle rainy, but still awesome.

Before we ended up here, we walked around Boot Key Harbor. It’s a marina in marathon. Here is what I saw.

20121207-132640.jpgOn the way up to Marathon.

20121207-132654.jpgAnother storm blowing in.

20121207-132703.jpgDinghy Dock.

20121207-132717.jpgRow row row yo dinghy.

20121207-132728.jpgUhm I might be 12 but this sign is hilarious.

20121207-132740.jpgRock Hall MD!! Represent for my MD peeps.


20121207-132820.jpgCloudy day.

20121207-132830.jpgBoat on da corner.

20121207-132838.jpgGetting cleat-y with.

20121207-132846.jpgHow nautical.


20121207-132908.jpgRows and Rows.

20121207-132917.jpgBailing Grace.

20121207-132926.jpgWe will be here in about ten years. Some schooner somewhere.

20121207-132936.jpgBirdie heaven.



20121207-133006.jpgNew nauti shoes from the hubz.

20121207-133015.jpgI see the sun peeking out.


20121207-133037.jpgIn flight.


20121207-133103.jpgCity Marina.


20121207-133117.jpgLandshark. Meh.


20121207-133141.jpgI want to be on this Buddy Boat list.



Happy Rainy Boaty Friday!