Cedar Key Preview.

I love this sleepy little town. Here are a few pictures from Cedar Key Florida.

DSC00882DSC00870DSC00805DSC00866DSC00846DSC00826DSC00859 DSC00768 DSC00742 DSC00737 DSC00735 DSC00733I don’t want to leave. More posts to come!

New Jersey Style Blue Crabs.

Okay. Yes I am from Maryland. Yes I love Maryland. I grew up fetching fatty blue crabs off the dock in my backyard. Yes we steamed them. With lots of old bay. They were delicious. A typical crab feast in Maryland would consist of beer, cheese and crackers, pickles, vinegar, hot butter, extra old bay, friends, and of course paper towels and CRABS. When I moved down to the Florida Keys my heart still longed for my beloved blue crabs. I would have to settle for stone crabs. Still very tasty, but nothing like home.  Continue reading “New Jersey Style Blue Crabs.”

Ride on.

It’s chilly today in the Keys. The high is 71. I know that is warm compared to the rest of the country, but for us it feels chilly! So happy about this cold front because it means no air conditioner! I love saving money. Anyways,today I biked for 60 minutes. 4 out of 6 workouts are done for the week! We had some wind gusts of about 15-30 mph, but I rode just fine!

20121108-115002.jpgGame on.

20121108-114949.jpgEnd of my road.20121108-115034.jpgI love jon boats with overgrown weeds.

20121108-115022.jpgAlmost hit this guy!

20121108-115107.jpgWent to the creepy park and had a swing. My husband randomly showed up and we got to swing together. I tell you what that is a workout!

20121108-115123.jpgRode to the Big Pine Park.

20121108-115141.jpgSweet ramps.

20121108-115209.jpgBird in flight.

20121108-115220.jpgPark has a ocean view!

20121108-115257.jpgDelightful spruce green and bright blue= a winning color combination.

20121108-115336.jpgAll day long! 🙂 JK!

It feels really good to be so active this week. I encourage you all to do something good for yourself today!

60 minutes at Bahia Honda.

Taken from my bike or on our hike-20121106-121617.jpgI love the reflection of the bridge in the water.

20121106-121656.jpgSo calm.

20121106-121728.jpgFront side of Bahia Honda State Park.

20121106-121746.jpgAnother bridge view.

20121106-121807.jpgThis is the front side. You can see US 1 to the right.

20121106-121851.jpgIt’s always a good thing to do Jane or Bob!

20121106-121906.jpgRiding down the path to the sandspur beaches.

20121106-121922.jpgSandspur beach entrance 1.

20121106-121935.jpgView from mini bridge in between beaches.

20121106-121950.jpgCouldn’t believe how calm it was.

20121106-122003.jpgSee the gap in the bridge over yonder?

20121106-122017.jpgKayaks. Yellow, orange, and one green oh my.

20121106-122028.jpgMore Kayaks for the yankees.

20121106-122041.jpgI love this place!

20121106-122051.jpgAfter we rode for 60 minutes, we hiked up to the bridge. I wish I had gotten married here! Love this private podium!

20121106-122101.jpgMaking our way up.

20121106-122113.jpgKeep going!

20121106-122136.jpgGreen is my favorite color 🙂

20121106-122151.jpg❤ Be still my ocean beating heart.

20121106-122203.jpgGreen and sparkles– Doesn’t get any better.

20121106-122219.jpgWas really calm in the channel. Spotted 4 giant spotted sting rays. I mean they were the size of boulders.

20121106-122230.jpgMy husband’s favorite view of the entire park.

20121106-122238.jpgMy favorite shot of the bunch. Something about that green that speaks to my soul.

Had a great morning workout at good old Bahia Honda. I must remind myself to go there every single chance I get.