100 miles in March. Update.

Hey friends hey 👏🏼🙏🏻😍
Well it happened. I hit my second goal! I hit 175 lbs as of May 20, 2020. I haven’t been this weight since I was 19.
Down a total of 160 pounds! This is about 2 years kids! Slow and steady. I had to have my gallbladder out. I was so lucky to lose this weight before I got super sick.
Do I have some loose skin? Sure see here ^^ but damn look at those legs! I’m so proud of them even with some skin!!
Rowing is changing my life
I can’t believe I have collarbones.
I’ve been practicing my diving and trying to swim laps.
Been eating good, not drinking, and working out. Feeling great. I have some reviews coming up for you guys soon

Thank you guys for being patient with the site. I know it’s not set up correctly yet but it’s super close. It will be super easy to find all my older blogs. I hope you all are doing well!!

My ultimate goal weight is 140. I can’t wait to see it! One day at a time no matter how long it takes!

My goal is to do 100 miles in March. I’m at 50.76 right now. I have to do 3.54 miles each day to make it happen. I got this! Be well! 😘

Update. :)

Happy Friday friends. The sun is actually shining on the islands today. We shall see how long this lasts! It has been rainy and gray all week. Not that I am complaining! It’s still paradise after all:)

Last Sunday night I went snorkeling and ended up nabbing 3 of these spider crabs. The meat picked down to over a pound of sweet fresh meat.


I woke up Monday though covered in a rash. I knew exactly what had happened. I got jellyfished! I found a few huge welts on my side and legs. I am terribly allergic to the jellyfish sting apparently because I break out into a huge rash. I headed straight to urgent care for a shot and some prednisone (steroids). One positive thing? They took my blood pressure and it was 120/78. I was super happy!! I usually run higher on the top number. Getting healthier every single day!

I was afraid to death of a few things. Prednisone is famous for causing weight gain, AND it also makes me starving. I thought I was going to end up bingeing all week-long. Well I proved myself wrong! I ended up LOSING weight this week, and staying strong on my healthy eating and exercise. I lost four pounds this week!

As for this weekend I plan on doing my shred workouts, and getting at least 15-20 thousand steps in. I already have my food planned and calculated for the whole weekend so no worries there. I am looking forward to Sunday night dinner. I am making flat-iron steaks topped with grilled onion and peppers with a side of grilled cheesy portobello mushrooms. I might even have a glass of lambrusco. Fancy.

As long as you have a plan and are willing to work hard you can overcome any obstacles you encounter.

Happy weekend!!

Weekend Success.

Happy Monday friends. How was your weekend?

My weekend consisted of long walks, healthy meals, food planning, relaxing, sunset watching, and just being super low key. I stayed sober all weekend! I had a fridge stocked with beers, but I decided that I would rather stay focused on reaching my goals.You know losing weight and getting healthy. 🙂 I am really proud of myself! I am down around four pounds so far this week with another two days before official weekly weigh in.Woo.

923313_357308621037005_2074464354_n 603667_357405887693945_262904681_n

As far as my nutrition–I am trying to eat every two to three hours. That is really hard for me because I am not a snacky person. To keep me on track I write down all of my meals and what time I am supposed to eat them. I just use the notebook app on my laptop. I also keep track of my water, fitness and whatever else. I like being able to look back in my notes and know exactly what I have been doing. I also have been consistently logging into My Fitness Pal. Tracking and planning = success. We have been eating our carbs earlier in the day and trying to keep dinner lean and green. Kitchen closes after dinner. NO EXCUSES.

942997_357380111029856_1064330868_n 934859_357069157727618_1693916997_n

For fitness I have been tracking my steps with my Striiv pedometer. I have some really great friends who use the app also. This helps keep me motivated. I am aiming for 16,000 steps on Tuesday and Thursday + 10,000 steps for the rest of the week. My goal is at least 120 miles for the month of May. I really want to get back to the 30 day shred, but I am so afraid of hurting my back again. I think I might try a modified version of the shred in the next few days. I am dying to do some strength training!!


It’s not all about making a million changes to your lifestyle. It’s just about making a few super important ones. So for me right now tracking my food, walking, planning, and staying positive are helping me to lose weight. I am always falling off the wagon, but once again I know that I can overcome anything that is thrown my way as long as I am alive and breathing. I will continue to lose weight and continue to get healthy anyway that I can!

I am ready to kill it these next few days so I can show a 5 pound loss by Wednesday. Just one more pound to go. I can do this! We all can do this!

I will try to get a recipe to you guys soon. Thinking some kind of yummy thai chicken. 🙂

Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading!


Eats October 17, 2012.

Breakfast- I made a protein pumpkin pie milkshake for breakfast. Recipe will be up soon. I love flawless science!

The smoothie is perfect. Under 300 calories, 5 grams of fat, and 35 grams of protein. Oh and it is pumpkin! PUMPKIN. Yum.

Lunch -Hummus veggie wrap. Today i will use a flatout, swiss cheese, tomato, red onion, pinenut hummus, guac, and red bell pepper + spinach.

Snack- Very berry Chobani champion with sliced strawberries.

Dinner- Gardein orange chicken (faux vegetarian chicken) Asian stir fry with snow pea pods.

Water- 128 oz

Fitness- 30 minutes cardio.



Shrooms and Mash.

For dinner I made stuffed crab mushrooms and caulimash. For the mushrooms I sauted mushroom stems, garlic, onion, spinach, and red bell pepper in a bit of extra virgin olive oil until soft. Once it was cooked through, I removed it from the heat and  I added a few tbsp’s of plain chobani greek yogurt to the mixture. I also added in the fresh blue crab meat. I seasoned the mixture with sea salt, garlic powder, and pepper. Once it was right I stuffed it into the mushroom caps, topped it with a bit of cheese, and baked at 375 for 20 minutes.

Here is the recipe for the caulimash. SO good! https://gracegothealthy.com/2012/07/10/caulimash/


Stars of the show. Fresh ripe tomato, white onion, organic spinach, mushrooms, and organic sweet bell pepper.

Other players-

1 flatout italian wrap, 2 tbsp of wholy guacamole, 2 tbsp of pine nut hummus, 1 slice of pepperjack cheddar cheese, 1 tbsp of mustard.



Decided to do a beach lunch 🙂 beautiful day!

The plan. October 16.

Breakfast was a pineapple chobani with a wedge of watermelon.

I also added some sliced strawberries. They were super fresh.

Lunch- Flatout wrap with pine nut hummus, pepper jack cheese, sweet bell peppers, tomato, lettuce, and onion.

Snack- 1 package of flawless whey chocolate protein mixed with almond milk.

Dinner- Bluecrab stuffed mushrooms. Cauliflower mash.

Fitness- 30 minutes of arms. Taking it easy on my lower back since I pulled a muscle yesterday.

Water- At least 120!


One meal, one workout at a time!


Perfect roasted chicken. Italian style.

Making a whole chicken is super simple. There are a million different ways to make them yummy. Here is my italian version.

1. Preheat oven to 375.

2. Wash and clean whole chicken. Don’t be scared. Just remove the insides and wash the outside.

3. Pat bird dry.

4. Chop herbs of choice. For this chicken I am going to be stuffing it with flat italian parsley. Add chopped herbs underneath the skin. Be gentle!

5. Stuff cavity of bird with whatever you want. I am using quartered white onions,  cloves of garlic, 1 chunk of ginger, and some pieces of lime.

6. For the top of bird add a bit of extra virgin olive oil. Spread over entire bird. For the seasonings I am using sea salt, pepper, sage, thyme, and oregano.

7. Place on a roaster rack and bake for 60-90 minutes or until bird is golden brown and juices run clear.

So good and simple. Tons of leftovers!

Tubular Tuesday.

Hi friends. These past few days I have been keeping myself busy. After wrapping up my two week eating in challenge + finishing the 30 day shred, I needed a new adventure! I decided to see if I could find some blue crabs to catch. I am from Maryland, so blue crabbing is in my blood. A few years ago we happened to find some down here in the Florida Keys. I was a very happy girl to say the least. Usually the season starts in November. I was determined to find some early this year. We went crabbing Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Saturday was a slow start. We caught 4. The next day we caught 7! Monday  we caught 9! We don’t eat the crab right away. What I do is cook the crab, pick the crab, and freeze it. So far we have gotten two pounds of fresh crab. So exciting! I love being a “freegan”. Free protein + a great workout is a good time.

View from our crab hole.

Sunset at the crab hole.


First catch of the 2012/2013 season!

I love crabbies!

Live blue crab party!

OCD crab picking. I have to separate everything. 🙂

First batch of Vegetable Crab Soup.

Eats from the past few days.

Have you guys played with the panorama feature on the iphone? So cool.

I love this shot from my backyard. The moon, boat davit, and sailboat mast are cool.

Took this picture from the top of the Niles Channel bridge. Not bad for 45 mph on top of a bridge in a car!

Hope you all fabulous.