Isn’t that how the vegan cookie crumbles.

Weigh In Report for the week. Up one pound. For realz. It’s all good though!! If I am being completely honest here, I ROCKED THAT SHIT ALL WEEK LONG. I have no shame! I will not let the scale tell me how to feel. It’s only a tool and I will use it as one. I feel AMAZING. Confident. STRONG. F the scale! 🙂 


I hope you all have had successful weight loss weeks. If not, don’t get discouraged. Keep fighting! Feel free to comment and tell us your successes or setbacks for the week.


Here was breakfast. 1/2 cup of eggwhites, 1 tiny sprinkle of cheese, sriracha, 4 oz of coconut greek yogurt, kiwi slices, and 1/2 cup of mango. 


Going to enjoy my coffee and do some work. Swimming is on my agenda for the day. Have a great one! Catch you at lunch perhaps friends. Keep on keeping on.