The weekend in pics

Got these plant stands water proofed!

Got this beautiful basil plant transplanted from inside to out!

Took this succulent plant who has been mysteriously growing for a year and turned her into this…
Her name is June bug. Wish her luck 🙂
Ate some yummy food like ribbon Brussels
Powerhouse vegetarian sandwiches 🤤
Tons of 🥑
I made air fried shrimp
And air fried potato chips!
I got in my miles challenge for the weekend plus
Got to spend doing some laps and getting some vitamin d with the family.
I had a lot of fun on my rower this weekend. Thinking of starting a new program! But for now it’s time to finish my BORA BORA series I have 5 workouts left!
Well I will be in touch this week!!! Be on the lookout for recipes etc! Ps what about this throwback. This was in Lima Peru in 2015. 😳
Stay safe


Weekend Haps.

What a rainy weekend on the west coast of Florida. Seriously! I love rain but even I am starting to get over it!

Here are some pics from the weekend:







I stayed on track. I had about 30 grams of carbs per day. No alcohol either!

Goals for the week-
100 oz of water a day
30 carbs a day
More steps!

Did you have a good weekend? What are your goals for the week?!

Just another roundup.

Hello lovelies. Sorry I haven’t blogged recently. Sometimes the blogging is hot, sometimes it’s cold. You know how it is.

It has been absolutely beautiful weather here in the Florida Keys. Tons of gusty wind and lower temps. We went 3 or 4 days with no air conditioner which is a blessing for October.


20131030-122639.jpgAs you can see the cats were DYING to get outside.

20131030-122707.jpgI did my 6 mile run this past Saturday. It was uhm.. really slow. I had the worst pace EVER. Seriously. I made the mistake of drinking 4 cups of light roasted coffee, drinking 36 oz of tri pep, and only eating 1/2 a lara bar. Each mile I could feel the sun beating down on me and it was HARD! Thank god I had 70 oz of water in my camelbak, and a few stashed starbursts to help get me through. This weekend I have 7 miles to do. I am determined to have a steady pace and take a much better route with less direct sun. Also? Yeah food. I am going to eat some before I go! 🙂 This is all a huge learning experience for me. It’s exciting. The rest of my training has been pretty spot on. If my legs are too tired or sore on the day of a run, I just adjust my training schedule. I like having a plan, but not feeling too upset or guilty if I have to rearrange that plan. It all gets done!

20131030-122720.jpgLook at this baby deer go!

20131030-122748.jpgStarburst savior.

After that hell run we decided to go crabbing the next day. To our surprise we were successful! We caught about a dozen and a half. Crabbing is hard work. You have to walk through silty water, or back and forth between lines. After you catch it you have to clean them and cook them. It’s a process!

20131030-122825.jpgCleaned blue crab ready to be cooked. This style is called Jersey style. You put the crabs on ice, let them fall asleep, and gently tear their shells off. Sounds barbaric right? It’s actually the most humane way to kill them. Instead of throwing them into a pot of boiling water, we are putting them to sleep on ice and killing them with no pain. Makes me sleep better at night 🙂 Not to mention the crabs get cooked with NO guts and the results are amazing clean white fresh tasting meat. Yum.

20131030-122840.jpgThis is what I call a yellow fatty. You can tell he is heavy and has a ton of meat because his shell is yellow and not white. White crabs have recently molted or are in the process of molting. This guy was FULL of meat. Good eating.

20131030-122855.jpgAll cooked and ready to eat. Did we sit around and have a feast after our 5 hours of work? Nope. We put the crab into ziplock bags to save it for the future. I do this every single year. Hopefully I will end up with ten pounds of crab meat at the end of the season. Hint- by leaving the crab meat in the shells you are actually preserving the meat in the freezer. I used to pick all of the meat down but found that it would get ice crystals in it immediately. Leave the shells on!

20131030-122917.jpgThere was some pool time that happened. It was actually freezing!

20131030-122937.jpgAnd a nice cruise to Marathon Florida.

20131030-122952.jpgGotta love those colors.


Bolthouse was kind enough to send me these juices to review. Yum. I will report back to you on these soon!

Well that is what I have been up to. Nothing too exciting. I hope everyone has a nice Halloween. What are you dressing up as? What are your kids dressing up as?

Weekend Roundup.

Hi lovelies! I hope this Monday is treating you well. We had a great weekend over here. I got all my training in, the house cleaned, the house stocked up with yummy healthy food, and I got in the most awesome fishing trip!

20131014-122833.jpgSeafood purchase= 2 lbs of large Key West pink shrimp, 2 filets of Mahi, 1 lb of wild salmon, 2 yellowfin tuna filets.

20131014-122852.jpgI saw these notebooks on sale for 49 cents and HAD to have them. I especially love the red and white chevron print. I have been obsessively keeping a food journal. Bite it, WRITE IT! Now I am stocked up til winter 😀

20131014-122904.jpgThis was some of the view I had fishing out in Big Pine Channel.

20131014-123020.jpgTime to come in. Booo!

20131014-123030.jpgOne more 🙂


20131014-123103.jpgThe biggest porgy fish ever! I was cleaning and fileting fish for two hours. We ended up with 2 lbs.

20131014-123129.jpgMy handsome man. Kingsley.

20131014-123142.jpg3 mile walk today. My legs were killing me! I had a 15 minute mile pace though so I will take it.

20131014-123205.jpgand 5 miles on Saturday. It was HOT!


I have been eating meals from diet to go this week. They were nice enough to send me a week of meals for review. Those end tomorrow though and so I hope to throw up some recipes for you guys. I know for sure I am making shrimp feta salad on Wednesday. Mmm 🙂

Hope you all are well!

Chat soon loves.



A random weekend.

The weekend started off promising.

20130722-104333.jpgA few Pacifico beers,  some turkey reuben burgers, zucchini, and sweet potatoes on the grill.


20130722-104411.jpgA greenie smoothie for breakfast Saturday. That is when the fun stopped though. I came down with a bit of a flu. I felt so horrible. To make me feel better my husband started giving me some early birthday presents.

20130722-104449.jpgCheck out this 90’s coloring book and tower of crayons. Yes I am going to be 31. Yes I will still color the heck out of anything if i get a chance. It’s always good to stay young at heart right?

20130722-104504.jpgGlorious crayons! 150 of them. They will all be organized into colors of course. Don’t worry my OCD friends. I got you covered!

20130722-104549.jpgToo cute 🙂

20130722-104618.jpgAfter a while I got stir crazy. We took a ride down to No Name Key.

20130722-104635.jpgDecided to walk the trails around the Blue Hole in Big Pine. Poisonwood no bueno!

20130722-104707.jpgDo the trees look weird? Burnt trees. A few years back a controlled fire burn got a little out of control.

20130722-104749.jpgRandom swampy.

20130722-104821.jpgMet this guy at Walgreens. Super cute!

20130722-104854.jpgI had to try this Melonhead beer from ShipYard. It’s not as good as pumpkin or apple, but it was totally drinkable. Not too fruity.

20130722-104922.jpgTook a swim to try to get rid of my fever.

20130722-104940.jpgAhh the fancy.pants drink.

20130722-105010.jpgMade these grilled lobster tails on Sunday. They were absolutely delish!! I will never steam or boil a lobster tail ever again.

20130722-105043.jpgMore early birthday presents. This is a map of Delmarva shipwrecks. I asked for this a few months ago. I am from Maryland so this is like a little piece of home!

20130722-105126.jpgMORE birthday presents. I am spoiled. My husband and I have a thing for lego sets. You can see that clearly here  Our lego collection. I might have mentioned that I loveeed the Lego Winter collection. He really took that to heart and got me two of the main sets. So now I am the proud owner of the Winter Village Cottage with 1290 pieces, and the post office with 822 pieces. I am one lucky girl. If I ever have kids–well they will be lucky kids with all of the freaking legos!

So that is my random weekend. I also spent tons of time watching Will and Grace. Apparently I missed the whole Grace marries a Canadian for Will  era. Who knew! Karen Walker is my absolute favorite character though. She is too much 🙂

I still have some flu symptoms so I am taking it easy. I will be concentrating on eating healthy though and getting my strength back.

Did you have a random weekend also? Let me know in the comments! 😀


We spent our weekend adventuring and swimming. It was a blast. SO sad that the weekend is over! 😦 Check out a few of my photos.

2fd4c2b2c0a011e29cc422000aa80493_7 On top of Niles Channel.

f0712810c0a211e2942f22000a9f140e_7 The infamous bat tower in Sugarloaf.

67f4833cc0a311e28a5c22000a1f8acf_7 Just dropping in!

3ed6faf2c0a811e2872722000a1fd26f_7 A secret spot!

5cf58116c0a811e2868722000aaa088a_7 Abandoned skydiving building.

1c6029c6c0ad11e285e422000a1fb768_7 Sammy’s Creek.

d883ebbac0ad11e2813a22000a1fb833_7 Found some coconut bootie.

995fbcd4c0b211e28c3c22000a1fb85a_7 At the end of Blimp Road.

a55129fec0b411e28c7c22000a1fb876_7My old treehouse in Cudjoe!


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Back to the grind!

Another weekend report.

logo_ver3Another weekend on track! I did have a few shots of vodka with fresh coconut water on Saturday night but I tracked everything. I did not have one splurge meal!

We took a lot of walks, relaxed, and I got totally spoiled for Mother’s day. I am a pet mommy! I got new sheets, a candle, a sleeping mask, a measuring cup, two new awesome smoothie cups, lip gloss, a new pillow, a super sweet card, breakfast in bed, AND I didn’t have to do any chores 🙂

I still have a few days before my weigh in for the second week of May. I am hoping for a 4 lb loss. Fingers crossed. I started adding in more strength training this time so that is making me happy. Just a few sessions and I can already see/feel a difference in my arms etc.

The weather is super warm here in the Keys. Pretty soon it will be swimming and snorkeling in the canal for 4 hours every single day. I love summertime here. I get the most glowing tan 🙂

I am planning on starting the 30 day shred again for June + getting my 60 minute swims in. For the rest of May I will continue with my own strength training plans and a ton of walking.

Sorry I haven’t had a ton of  new recipes up, but I have been tracking all of my food over on my facebook account. Make sure you like me if you have not already!


I hope everyone is planning on having a healthy and wonderful week. Stay in control and be proud of even your smallest accomplishments.

I will see you guys soon!



Weekend Success.

Happy Monday friends. How was your weekend?

My weekend consisted of long walks, healthy meals, food planning, relaxing, sunset watching, and just being super low key. I stayed sober all weekend! I had a fridge stocked with beers, but I decided that I would rather stay focused on reaching my goals.You know losing weight and getting healthy. 🙂 I am really proud of myself! I am down around four pounds so far this week with another two days before official weekly weigh in.Woo.

923313_357308621037005_2074464354_n 603667_357405887693945_262904681_n

As far as my nutrition–I am trying to eat every two to three hours. That is really hard for me because I am not a snacky person. To keep me on track I write down all of my meals and what time I am supposed to eat them. I just use the notebook app on my laptop. I also keep track of my water, fitness and whatever else. I like being able to look back in my notes and know exactly what I have been doing. I also have been consistently logging into My Fitness Pal. Tracking and planning = success. We have been eating our carbs earlier in the day and trying to keep dinner lean and green. Kitchen closes after dinner. NO EXCUSES.

942997_357380111029856_1064330868_n 934859_357069157727618_1693916997_n

For fitness I have been tracking my steps with my Striiv pedometer. I have some really great friends who use the app also. This helps keep me motivated. I am aiming for 16,000 steps on Tuesday and Thursday + 10,000 steps for the rest of the week. My goal is at least 120 miles for the month of May. I really want to get back to the 30 day shred, but I am so afraid of hurting my back again. I think I might try a modified version of the shred in the next few days. I am dying to do some strength training!!


It’s not all about making a million changes to your lifestyle. It’s just about making a few super important ones. So for me right now tracking my food, walking, planning, and staying positive are helping me to lose weight. I am always falling off the wagon, but once again I know that I can overcome anything that is thrown my way as long as I am alive and breathing. I will continue to lose weight and continue to get healthy anyway that I can!

I am ready to kill it these next few days so I can show a 5 pound loss by Wednesday. Just one more pound to go. I can do this! We all can do this!

I will try to get a recipe to you guys soon. Thinking some kind of yummy thai chicken. 🙂

Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading!


Solo Friday.

Hey guys! How are you? I am hoping great. Happy FRIDAY! My husband is out of town on business, so it’s just me and the animals. I am keeping myself busy though. Working out, eating right, and getting lots of work done.

I restarted the 30 day shred by Jillian Michaels. I am on day 4! The first few days were HARD. I was so so sore. Like honestly day 2 and 3 were killers. My thighs burned with every single movement. My arms? Same. Core? Same. I worked through it though, and I woke up this morning feeling so much better. I literally killed day 4 today. I am really proud of myself. I plan on doing level 1 for 10 days and 1 day off for rest. Level 2 for 10 days and 1 day off for rest and the same for level 3. So exciting!

I refueled after my workout with a shower, some egg-whites, a bit of plain greek yogurt + this awesome salad.

DSC00270I started by baking some WILD sockeye salmon. Just a bit of sea salt, cracked pepper, and a ton of dill. Into the oven at 350 for 20 minutes.

DSC00277After it baked I through it on top of some spinach, with shaved parmesan, cucumbers, red bell peppers, onions, a few croutons, and some natural caesar dressing on the side.


I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of of your Friday + a great weekend!